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About this collection

This sample collection holds over 190 records each giving a brief description of a Tamil Figure of Speech.

Figure of Speech, is a literary device. A literary device creates meaning and enhances through language enabling the reader to gain better understanding and appreciation of the work.

Figure(s) of speech (FOS) occur in prose, poetical works, and other discourses. It is a combination of words whose meaning cannot be determined by examining the meanings of the individual words. A reader needs to recognize a figure of speech occurring in a text lest he/she misunderstands or misinterprets the meaning of the sentence / text he/she is reading.

In this collection one record describes one FOS. These FOS have been derived from the following sources. Murugan, V. (2000). Tolkappiam in English: Translation, with the Tamil text transliteration in the Roman script, Introduction, glossary and illustrations (Project Director: Dr.G. John Samuel). Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies.

Tamil lexicon (1924-1939). Published under the authority of the University of Madras Madras: University of Madras. Reprint 1982; v.I-VI + Supplement. The contents also accessible online: Univ.of Chicago dictionaries/tamil-lex/

The collection can be accessed from the GSDL opening page, by clicking on the desired language – Tamil or English. This will take you to a list of 16 FOS categories: Click on the desired category name; it will take you to a list of sub-categories, if any, or directly to the related record. Each record gives Category Name, at the top followed by:

Line 1: Name of the FOS in Tamil script, the Tamil name transliterated in Roman script, citation of source – Tamil Lexicon (TL, page ….)
Line 2: Alternative name in Tamil script, if any.
Line 3: Brief annotation about the FOS in English, followed by an abbreviation for the title of the original source in Tamil and page number in the Tamil Lexicon (ex தண்டி.30, *see below).

If there is no alternative name in line 2, then Line 3 will start on Line 2.

*Abbreviations for original sources:

அணியி - அணியிலக்கணம் / விசாகபெருமாளையெர்;
சங் அக - சஙகத்தகராதி / கதிரைவேற்பிள்ளை
சீவக - சீவக சிந்தாமணி / திருத்தக்க தேவர்
குறள் - திருக்குறள் / திருனள்ளுவர்
தண்டி - தண்டியலஙாரம்m / தண்டியாசிரியர்
பிங் - பிங்களநிகண்டு / பிங்கல்ளமுனிவர்
புறனா - புறனானூறு / சஙப்புலவர்கள்
நன் - நன்னூல் / பவணந்திமுனிவர்
மாறன - மாறனலஙாரம் / திருக்குருகைப்பெருமாட்கவிராயர்
வீரசோ - வீரசோழியம் / புத்தமித்திரனார்
யாழ் அக- யாழ்ப்பாணத்து மானிப்பாயகராதி / சந்திரசேகரப்புலவர்
W - A comprehensive Tamil-English Dictionary / M. Winslow

Clicking on the name of the FOS or the page number will link you to the online Tamil Lexicon website. The related entry may give some additional information about the FOS. The name (full or part) of the FOS can also be used to derive a KWIC index.

This collection was developed by A. Neelameghan and S.K. Lalitha as a part of the contribution of the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science , Bangalore, Inida, to GSDL development.

How to find information in the Figure of Speech collection

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