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Editorial: Creating Dynamics in Sustainable Development

The period after the UNCED meetings in Rio in 1992 has been dominated by the lack of commitment of industrialized countries for a sustainable development. In USA the Clinton-Gore administration was defeated concerning a modest energy/CO2 tax. The European Community followed the US and is not imposing any energy/CO2 tax.

Strong lobbies of industry, the established energy sector and others succeeded in suppressing proposals of taxation of fossil and nuclear fuels.

The conclusion is, that at the moment other means than taxation must be key measures for imposing a sustainable energy development.

The political measures, which shall be put into action now, must be of "positive nature" in a political sense. Sustainable energy development must be combined with other subjects, which the people (voters) are paying attention to. Then there is a chance of starting a positive political dynamic in the direction of sustainable development. Such a "positive measure" can be job-creation. Job-creation and unemployment has a very high priority in the political discussions in the industrialized countries.

As an example could be mentioned, that if support for unemployed people is used to support sustainable energy measures, this could create many jobs and at the same time give a more sustainable development.

In the developing countries the combination of sustainable energy development and development of the local economy must be stressed. In the development programs must be included strong elements of the combination of local economy and sustainable energy development.

In order to contribute to a global political process of a sustainable energy development, the secretariat of INFORSE is preparing proposals for a campaign in 1994 concerning 'job-creation, local economic development and sustainable energy development." Discussions of this as an INFORSE-campaign will be a major subject of the meeting of INFORSE coordinators and contact persons in October.

Hans Bjerregaard, Chairman

The Danish Organization for Renewable Energy