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INforSE Organizing


The new facilities of the INforSE secretariat is now in place, and funding for the secretariat, this newsletter and a number of activities is secured for the coming year.

While the old address is still working, the new, easy INforSE address is:


P.O. Box 2059

1013 Copenhagen K


Ph: +45-3142 9091/3312 1307

Fax: +45-3142 9095/3312 1308



New European Coordinator

At the second European lNforSE meeting in July, Emil Bedi from Slovak Nature Protection Society - Foundation for Alternative Energy (SZOPK - FAE) was elected as new coordinator for INforSE Europe, replacing Adam Gula.

The new coordinators address is:

Att. Emil Bedi


Gorkeho 6 811 01



Ph: +42-7-364665

Fax: +42-7-313968

At the same meeting Gunnar Olesen was re-elected as European coordinator for another year. Adam Gula continues to be active in INforSE as the representative of Polish Ecological Club.


INforSE action plans under preparation

While coordinators and contact persons are preparing INforSE action plans for their region, a general action plan for INforSE is also under preparation for the coming year. The plan will be discussed at the INforSE contact persons meeting in Denmark, October 10-15. Major points for consideration in the plan will be the energy and employment campaign mentioned at page 3, and the development of INforSE.


African regional meeting

The regional meeting for Eastern and Southern Africa will take place in Nairobi, Kenya in January 1994. Mumbua Munywoki, Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination will organize the meeting.


Asian/Pacific Regional Meeting

The regional meeting for Eastern Asia and Pacific is proposed lo be combined with a Conference on Sustainable Energy Development in January or February 1994. The venue could be Vietnam, as the Vietnamese Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has shown interest for such an event. Benjamin Gertes, Philippines Center for Appropriate Technology and Training will organize the event.


Regional Meeting in India

The regional meeting for Central and Western Asia is proposed to be combined with a 3 day Workshop to Promote Sustainable Renewable Programs through NGOs. The venue will be New Delhi, India and the tentative dates are April/May 1994. Raymond Myles, AFPRO will organize the event.


Regional Meeting in Latin America

The regional meeting for Latin America will take place in Rio de Janeiro at October 19, 1993. It will be organized in conjunction with a Brazilian energy week. Emilio Rovere, IED (Instituto de Ecologia e Desenvolvimente), will organize the event.