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Regional News - Africa

Regional Meeting

Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination plans a regional INforSE meeting for Eastern and Southern Africa in Nairobi, January, 1994. This meeting will be the official launching of INforSe in the Eastern and Southern part of Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda and Burundi. For the agenda of the meeting the following topics are proposed:

· Discussion of the NGO energy strategy behind INforSE with feedbacks from NGOs in the region. From this discussion it is envisaged that detailed activities will be listed for the coordinators.

· Proposals for national activities including the formation of lists of NGOs working for sustainable energy projects in each country.

· Formation of manufacturers association for renewable energy and efficiency in Eastern Africa.

· Proposals for national sustainable energy workshops.

Further information by Mumbua Munywoki, FOOD, P.O.Box 30979, Nairobi, Kenya. Ph: +254-2-566032, fax: +254-2-561464/740524


African Energy Charter

Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination is preparing an African Energy Charter together with African Energy Policy Research Network (AFRE-PREN). The Charter will be based on the book "Energy Options for Africa, Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives". It will be quite different from the inter-govemmental (European) Energy Charter that hardly recognizes the need for a sustainable development.


West African Renewable Energy Seminar

Youba Sokona from ENDA's energy program proposes a 4 week seminar in Dakar, Senegal for dissemination and follow-up of renewable energy technologies for rural African areas. The seminar will cover African energy problems, socio-economic aspects of renewable energy dissemination, financing, analyzing and evaluating of projects, sizing of renewable energy technologies and planning of renewable energy technology dissemination programs.

Further information by Youba Sokona, ENDA, B.P. 3370, Dakar, Senegal. Ph: +221-22 5983/2496, fax: +221-22 2696.