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Regional News - Northern America

Sun Day 1994

In USA the large Sun Day Campaign is planning a coordinated effort for renewable energy with more than 50 local events at April 24, 1994. The local events will be supplemented with campaigns for "pro-solar" legislation at federal level in USA and for elimination of federal subsidies for nuclear power.

Sustainable Energy Budget 1995

About 30 NGOs have drafted their proposal for the budget of US Department of Energy for 1995. In the proposal is a 600 million US dollars increase of the programs for renewable energy and efficiency, and more than 700 million US dollars cuts of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion programs as well as reductions in some of the fossil fuel programs.

Grassroots Media Network

More than 200 NGOs in USA have signed up to participate in a grassroots media network being coordinated by the Communications Consortium to periodically co-release studies on energy efficiency and renewable energy issues.

Further information: Communications Consortium, Washington DC. Ph: +1202-682 1270, fax: +1-202-682 2154.

New York Solar Coalition

New York Solar Coalition will hold its Second Renewable Energy Conference October 15-16. It will give special attention to renewables and environment, energy and architecture, financial and marketing strategies, energy and transportation.

Further information by Jim Hurt, ph: +1-212-861 0100, fax: +1-212-861 0101.

Sustainable Transportation and Solar and Electric Vehicle Symposium

At October 21 -23 in Boston, USA. The event will have sessions on transportation planning, legislation and incentives for electric vehicles, advanced electric vehicle technologies.

Further information: North East Sustainable Energy Association, ph: +1413-774 6051, fax: +1-413-774 6053.