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Health snap

Another popular game is cards. Children often play cards to gamble for sweet papers, rubber bands or marbles. This suggested the idea that cards could be used to promote health messages. An alternative could be gender messages or money management.

Materials and preparation

You can buy an ordinary pack of playing cards and cut a piece of their card to the shape of the playing cards. On each piece, draw a basic picture and health message - 13 different messages repeated four times each as in a deck of playing cards. Paste the pictures onto the playing cards.

Note: These can also be used as flashcards to discuss the message on each card.

How to play?

I. Divide the cards equally among players.

2 Let the players hold the cards in their hands with the backs up and the pictures hidden.

3. Let each player take her or his top card and place it face up on the table. The other players follow in turn with a card.

4. Ask other players to watch carefully and when two of the same card appear together at the top of the pile on the table - the first player to shout 'SNAP!' puts her or his hand on the pile gains all these cards.

5. Let the players read the message aloud for everyone to hear.

6. Continue the game until one player wins all the cards.


Someone who is deaf would be unable to shout. But they could put both hands on the cards to claim them.


Health messages

Spitting spreads tuberculosis. Wash your hands after using the toilet. Too much alcohol is bad for your health. Cigarette smoking is bad for your body. Brush your teeth after eating. Bury or recycle your rubbish. Breastfeeding is the best. Vaccination protects your child. Use the toilet or bury the stools. Cover food to protect from flies. Cover your water container. Collect the water where the river runs fast. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. Stagnant water encourages mosquitoes.



· portable
· cards are readily available
· liked by children and adults
· can be adapted to many topics


· Playing cards may seem expensive. Stiff card could be used but it would not be as durable for frequent use.

· Limitations of the artist - it is important that each set of 4 should look the same.


· This activity has been used constantly in Mindoro - Bangar, La Union Philippines by the children in a Child to Child pilot study (child-centered health promotion) and their parents, and by adolescents. The messages on the cards are frequently repeated, even when the cards are no longer there.

· The cards have also been adapted to cover topics which were of priority to communities e.g., malnutrition and scabies.