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This study began in 1991 as part of the contribution of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program to the Bank-wide Participatory Development Learning Group. The study is a collaborative effort between the United Nations Development Programme-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, and the Social Policy and Resettlement Division of the Environment Department of the World Bank. It was financed by the Governments of Sweden and Norway.

Particular thanks to John Blaxall, manager of the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, and to Aubrey Williams, coordinator of the Bank-wide Participatory Development Learning Group, for trusting that something useful would come from the merger of methodological tools from economics and sociology.

Several people played important supportive roles in the early days of the project, when the methodology was still evolving: David Beckman, Michael Cernea, David Howarth, Lawrence Salmen, and Michael Garn.

The study developed in three phases. I would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of the following people who played invaluable roles.

· Phase I-Collection of evaluation reports: Douglas Keh and members of the Program's Regional Water and Sanitation Groups, particularly Gunnar Schultzberg and Sunita Chakravarty.

· Phase II-Development of coding methodology: Kurt Finsterbusch, assisted by Warren Van Wicklin and Elhum Haghihat. In addition to undertaking the coding process, Elhum Haghihat performed all the statistical work.

· Phase III-Model building and model testing: Lant Pritchett, with research assistance from Jon Isham, guided the testing process for the model, using multivariate regression analysis. Lant Pritchett also helped organize the statistical evidence in chapters 4 and 5. Ellen Tynan helped develop the matrix included in appendix 2 and provided assistance with analysis of the qualitative aspects of the study.

The document benefited from the comments and review of John Blaxall, Norman Uphoff, Lant Pritchett, Jannik Boesen, Kurt Finsterbusch, Warren Van Wicklin, and Aubrey Williams. Grace Sarin and Lidia Tokuda typed and formatted the manuscript. The manuscript was edited by Laurie Edwards and Donna van Lear, under the overall guidance of Alicia Hetzner, David Kinley, and Virginia Hitchcock. The publication was desk-topped by American Writing Corporation.