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Creating a positive state of mind

Creating a positive state of mind is an exercise to recapture the feelings that go with peak moments Variation - moments of triumph, success or jubilation! This is a powerful way of affirming and inspiring people to perform better.


The centering meditation under "Relaxers" can be facilitated first to prepare the participants.


To set the mood for active learning.

Suggested approach


Ask the participants to do the following:

1. Relax, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2. Recall a moment of success in your life. Remember the precise moment when you did exceptionally well.

3. Intensify your memory. Remember what it was like after the peak experience. "What did you see?" What did you hear?" "What did you feel?"

4. Take time to savor the triumph of that experience. Recreate the scene, take time to see it with your own eyes. Recall the feeling of pride and confidence in what you had achieved!

5. Think of one word that would sum up your experience. A word that when said or read would bring the memory back to you anytime, anywhere. This word will be the key in recapturing the feelings of that peak experience.

6. Take a deep breath and once again feel your jubilation in that experience. Clench your fist as it is the natural thing to do when you feel powerful!

7. Intensify the memory of that moment. Keep your eyes shut to eliminate other things that might distract you. Remember only that moment of success, triumph and jubilation!

8. Unclench your fist and slowly open your eyes. Ask volunteers to share how the exercise felt to them.


Some participants may feel uncomfortable. You, as the facilitator, must be confident and convinced in what you are doing. It is better to try this yourself first experience.


On your own, repeat the exercise as often as possible within two days. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to return to a productive state of mind.