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Tell me...


small cards


up to 20



If pressed for time, ask fewer participants to present their evaluation/responses.

Time requirement

15 to 20 minutes

Suggested approach

1. Distribute the cards.

2. Ask the participants to write down a key lesson learned on the topic or during the activities.

3. Ask some of the participants to read what they have written.

4. After each participant has read their evaluation, ask them to post it on a designated part of the wall.

5. When a substantial number of participants have already read their evaluation, ask the rest to post their evaluations on the wall.

6. Summarize the main points written by the participants.


Can be used to summarize a session or day's activity, or to review the previous day's session at the start of the day.


Cannot be used effectively when there are more than 20 participants.


For extended workshops, a different color or shape may be used each day to show progress (e.g., leaves for day 1, flowers for day 2 and fruits for day 3, and so on). A dry branch of a bush could be used to hang the cards on.