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Put your worries aside


· Focus participants' attention to the topic at hand.


Suggested approach

1. Ask the participants to write all their worries on a piece of paper, seal with tape or paste and put in a box. Assure the participants that these will be kept confidential.

2. Take the box away and remind the participants that their present task is attention and energy to the training. Remind is a right time for dealing with their problems or worries. Explain the significance of their part in attaining the full objectives of the training.


For 1 & 2 methods

· Participants write their worries but keep the paper in their own pocket or bag.
· Participants can mentally place their worries in a box until the training session ends.
· The box containing the worries may also be ceremoniously burned if all participants agree.

3. Display a quotation, saying or poster related to the training course (or topic to be discussed) and ask the participants to reflect on it.


In a campaign to promote learning, quotations were used as openers in team learning sessions. These became the spring board for discussion.

4. Ask volunteers to share their reflections. (The facilitator of the succeeding topic builds on the reflection to start the discussion.)

5. Later, display the quotations, poster on the wall as a source of inspiration, reminder or a thought provoker.



Very positive and flexible. Allows participants to check on themselves and perform better during the training.