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Are we on target?


· easel, board or wall manila paper
· colored pens
· push pins


up to 40

Time requirement

10 minutes


Suggested approach

1. Draw five concentric circles on a manila paper (similar to a dart board).

Make several pie-like divisions for content, methodology, facilitators, etc., depending on the training aspects you wish to evaluate.

2. During evaluation time, ask the participants to place a pin on each pie to reflect their rating (e.g., if one is really impressed by the methods, then they should choose the bull's eye, if not, then anywhere farther from the bull's eye depending on their perception).

3. After all the participants have made their evaluations, take note of the general placement of the pins and investigate any pins that fall outside of the general choice of position.

4. Give a summary of the results to the group.


Enjoyable and requires little time to accomplish.


It is not very helpful if you desire a detailed qualitative evaluation.


Use specific colors of pins for each aspect to be evaluated.