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54. Make the most critical interview the job interview

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Selection of the right people to do the job is the most important decision a manager has to make. One question in a job interview that will tell you almost everything about an applicant is, "What was the worst mistake you ever made; and what was the worst damage you did to your employer?"

You immediately learn three critical things about a person from the answer, i.e.

First, the magnitude of the mistake tells you how high that person was in the organisation. Big mistakes can't be made at low levels.

Second, few people make the same mistake twice, so you learn about the applicant's experience.

Third, the answer will tell you a lot about the applicant's character (who the applicant blames for the mistake; what he or she learned from it).

Take the time to get to know your top applicants. Don't rush through the interview. Make sure the applicants understand the job and your expectations. Then make sure you have what you want.