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95. Learn from the experiences of others

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Managers can learn a great deal from the experiences of others, particularly when introducing quality improvements to an organisation for the first time. The following are some recommendations to avoid common pitfalls encountered by many managers. They can help to reinforce the quality guidelines that you may already have developed for your programme.

  • Recognise that quality is also a leadership issue. Quality improvements will depend upon how management thinks, behaves, and structures the quality system.

  • Take care of the basics. You can introduce new systems and technology without having staff who are skilled in using them.

  • Implement systems and technical change with social change

  • Use a simple and practical definition of quality that relates to everyone's job.

  • Listen to all the experts, but ultimately make your own choices.

  • Broaden your scope. Learn from other organisations, even the ones that are not doing well, and familiarise yourself with all the various aspects of your programme.

  • Concentrate on a value-driven approach, that is, value quality over financial return.