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96. Seek out new opportunities

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Opportunities are time-savers. They are sudden chances to jump more than one step at a time toward a goal. Here are some suggestions for making and taking advantage of opportunities:

  • Know where you are going. Otherwise, you won't be able to spot an opportunity when it arises.

  • Tell people what you are interested in, be enthusiastic about your aims.

  • Make yourself available. Place yourself where opportunities are likely to occur.

  • Keep your eyes open. Opportunities are not always obvious.

  • They may be disguised as problems.

  • Be flexible. You can't always control when an opportunity will occur, so be prepared to reschedule your work to make time available when an opportunity comes along.

  • Expect your share of good fortune. Chances are good that you will get your opportunity.

  • Opportunities are usually worth investing in. If the opportunity is what you are waiting for, don't hesitate to invest in it, borrow, if necessary.

  • Don't wait for others. If you want to involve others but they aren't ready, go ahead anyway. They can always join you later.

  • Don't over analyse. Be careful not to procrastinate, ponder too much, or study the issue for too long. The opportunity may slip away.

  • Be rational. Don't gamble. Taking a calculated risk is all-right because you know the odds.