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98. Practice managing change

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Here are some tips for being a successful change agent:

  1. Share your excitement about the upcoming change. People need this to replace their former vision.

  2. Share as much information as you can about the change. This helps people to deal with anxieties and uncertainties about their own future, and helps avoid the spread of misunderstandings and rumours.

  3. Invite others to participate in the choices that have to be made about the change. That will generate ownership of the change.

  4. Keep surprises to a minimum. Communicate the plan in small, easy-to-understand steps.

  5. Go fast enough to keep people interested and motivated, but not so fast that confusion and uncertainty become a problem.

  6. Communicate your expectations for performance under the change clearly and consistently.

  7. Highlight the benefits of the change as soon as they become real.

  8. If someone is going to lose because of the change, inform them early and help them to find a way to become winners, also.

  9. Change only that which is necessary to change. Some familiarity with past routines is healthy for continuity and efficient operations.

  10. Overcommunicate. Never assume that you have been completely understood, particularly by those who may be resisting the change.