The Augsburg Confession

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Preface to the Emperor Charles V.

Most Invincible Emperor, Caesar Augustus, Most Clement Lord:
Inasmuch as Your Imperial Majesty has summoned a Diet of the
Empire here at Augsburg to deliberate concerning measures against
the Turk, that most atrocious, hereditary, and ancient enemy of
the Christian name and religion, in what way, namely, effectually
to withstand his furor and assaults by strong and lasting
military provision; and then also concerning dissensions in the
matter of our holy religion and Christian Faith, that in this
matter of religion the opinions and judgments of the parties
might be heard in each other's presence; and considered and
weighed among ourselves in mutual charity, leniency, and
kindness, in order that, after the removal and correction of such
things as have been treated and understood in a different manner
in the writings on either side, these matters may be settled and
brought back to one simple truth and Christian concord, that for
the future one pure and true religion may be embraced and
maintained by us, that as we all are under one Christ and do
battle under Him, so we may be able also to live in unity and
concord in the one Christian Church.

And inasmuch as we, the undersigned Elector and Princes, with
others joined with us, have been called to the aforesaid Diet the
same as the other Electors, Princes, and Estates, in obedient
compliance with the Imperial mandate, we have promptly come to
Augsburg, and -- what we do not mean to say as boasting -- we
were among the first to be here.

Accordingly, since even here at Augsburg at the very beginning
of the Diet, Your Imperial Majesty caused to be proposed to the
Electors, Princes, and other Estates of the Empire, amongst other
things, that the several Estates of the Empire, on the strength
of the Imperial edict, should set forth and submit their opinions
and judgments in the German and the Latin language, and since on
the ensuing Wednesday, answer was given to Your Imperial Majesty,
after due deliberation, that we would submit the Articles of our
Confession for our side on next Wednesday, therefore, in
obedience to Your Imperial Majesty's wishes, we offer, in this
matter of religion, the Confession of our preachers and of
ourselves, showing what manner of doctrine from the Holy
Scriptures and the pure Word of God has been up to this time set
forth in our lands, dukedoms, dominions, and cities, and taught
in our churches.

And if the other Electors, Princes, and Estates. of the Empire
will, according to the said Imperial proposition, present similar
writings, to wit, in Latin and German, giving their opinions in
this matter of religion, we, with the Princes and friends
aforesaid, here before Your Imperial Majesty, our most clement
Lord are prepared to confer amicably concerning all possible ways
and means, in order that we may come together, as far as this may
be honorably done, and, the matter between us on both sides being
peacefully discussed without offensive strife, the dissension,
by God's help, may be done away and brought back to one true
accordant religion; for as we all are under one Christ and do
battle under Him, we ought to confess the one Christ, after the
tenor of Your Imperial Majesty's edict, and everything ought to
be conducted according to the truth of God; and this it is what,
with most fervent prayers, we entreat of God.