An Anthology of Australian Verse
by Bertram Stevens

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An Anthology of Australian Verse
Edited by Bertram Stevens

Dedicated to


The Editor has endeavoured to make this selection representative
of the best short poems written by Australians or inspired by
Australian scenery and conditions of life, -- "Australian" in this connection
being used to include New Zealand. The arrangement is
as nearly as possible chronological; and the appendix contains
brief biographical particulars of the authors, together with notes
which may be useful to readers outside Australia.

The Editor thanks Messrs. H. H. Champion, Henry Gyles Turner,
E. B. Loughran, A. Brazier and Walter Murdoch (Melbourne),
Mr. Sydney Jephcott (Upper Murray, Vic.), Mr. Fred. Johns (Adelaide),
Mr. Thomas Cottle (Auckland), Mr. J. C. Andersen (Christchurch),
Messrs. David Scott Mitchell, Alfred Lee, A. W. Jose,
and J. Le Gay Brereton (Sydney), for their generous help.
Mr. Douglas Sladen's anthologies, Messrs. Turner and Sutherland's
"Development of Australian Literature", and `The Bulletin' have also furnished
much useful information.



William Charles Wentworth.
"Australasia: a Poem"

Charles Harpur.
A Coast View

William Forster.
`The Love in her Eyes lay Sleeping'