Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 1

pp.1-3. Introduction to the newspaper, Te Wananga
Contains a greeting to all Maori to celebrate the launch of Te Wananga. Contains karakia [incantations]. Discusses the aims of the newspaper and the main issues that the paper will focus on.
pp.2-3 From the Hawke's Bay Times
Report concerning the journey of the ship, Wineteta, from England to Napier.
Report concerning the journey of the ship, Pearehi, from England to Ritihana [Lyttleton?].
Report concerning the journey of the ship, Te Hami Marera, from England to Port Hama [?].
Market prices
Contains information on prices for cattle and sheep, including prices per pound for the meat, after slaughter.
[News item]
Concerns the Native Land Court judge's report back to Parliament about the Native Land Act, 1873.
House of Representatives, London, England, July, 1874.
Item concerns a petition to the King of England from the many chiefs of Fiji concerning their land. States that the British Government has appointed a Governor to go to Fiji and explain the issues to the chiefs.
[News items]
The former Colonial Secretary in New Zealand, Mr Wera [Frederick Weld ], will take up the position of Governor of Australia and Tasmania.
The people of Te Kapua, Waikato, have reported a successful wheat harvest for this year.
A report concerning the forthcoming marriage between a Russian prince and a princess from England, the daughter of Queen Victoria.