Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 21

p.233 [Advertisement]
From W.H.Binks, advising all Ngāti Kahungunu people living outside the Province of Hawke's Bay of his store in Napier. Sells saddles, boots and other quality goods at very reasonable prices, and invites people to come and inspect his merchandise.
From M.Boylan. Advertising his services as a gunsmith.
[English translation included.]
From G.Pākina. Concerning his skills as a coachbuilder, blacksmith and iron-goods worker.
From Nataniora Hākopa. Tobacconist advertising pipes, tobacco, cigars and similar goods, and he offers same price for both Maori and Pakeha.
From Nash and Davies. Painters, grainers, sign writers and House decorators.
Advising the forthcoming Native Land Court sitting at Te Wairoa, 28 October 1875.
From Rati and Rauniri. Sell beds and many similar goods.
From P.Maruni. Advises that he will buy hay and corn from Maori at good prices. Sells goods at reasonable prices.
pp.234 [Advertisements]
A stallion
From Te M.Hāpimana. Providing the services of the stallion, Ianga Tapiona. Describes the qualities of the horse and explains the fees.
A fine racehorse
From Ārena Mākarini. Providing the services of the stallion, Kingipini.
From Wiremu Piripi, who has opened a Billiard saloon.
A horse of fine racing stock
Describes the qualities and the pedigree of the horse, Kairaka.
p.236 [Advertisements]
The Bank
Underwriters for houses and ships for a small fee. Signed by Rōpata Tapihau, Napier.
From Paranihi Petara. Manufacturer of saddles and other equipment for use with horses.
From Hare Taihi. A tailor.
From Hare Teira. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
Advertising his services as surveyor and civil engineer.
[English translation included.]
Te Wananga office
Explains the location of the newspaper's office, and states that the printer is Hēnare Hira [Henry Hill] and publisher, Hēnare Tōmoana.
Advising the forthcoming Native Land Court sitting at Waipoua, 1 October 1875.
From H.J.Hiki, Havelock [North]. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
From T.Wiremu, Napier. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
p.237 Agents for Te Wananga
List of agents.
[English translation included.]
Letters received
From Hōhepa Tamamutu.
Wāka Takahari, Napier, a chief of Ngāti Matepū, aged 70.
pp.237-238 [Editorial]
Report of a debate in Parliament concerning the Government allocating money to pay for the upkeep of graves of those Pakeha who fell in defence of New Zealand during the Maori land wars. Mr T. Kelly of Taranaki thought that the gesture should go further and pay for memorials to the Natives who also died.
[English translation included.]
pp.238-239 [News item]
Discusses the habit by some Maori to claim letters other than their own from the Postmaster. States that mail is not going to the rightful people and there have been many complaints.
[English translation included.]
p.239-240 [Brief news items]
Notice of the adjournment of the Native Land Court sitting at Napier.
Notice concerning the passage of the Native Land Bill through Parliament.
Comments by the Editor concerning the expense to Government of publishing the newspaper, Te Waka.
Comments by the Editor in reply to the statement from William Grey that Te Wananga is the voice of Napier. States it is the voice of the colony, not Ngāti Kahungunu.
Concerns a [mining] claim by Maori at Ōhinemuri who were prevented from working it because of the Arms Act.
Reports a Maori protest at the selling of confiscated Maori land at Ōkōtuku, and that protesters were arrested.
Reports a meeting at Parihaka at which 1500 Maori were present.
Reports an outbreak of measles, 200 affected, 12 of whom have died. Ten Maori have died at Urenui including the old chief, Nikote, and there is a report of twelve dead trout in the stream.
Reports a Maori meeting held at Paeroa to discuss Maori land issues, and another meeting to be held at Ātiamuri.
Reports a large gift of land from a Ngāti Kahungunu chief for schools.
Notice of the appointment of a Select Committee to enquire into the administration of Te Aute College.
Updates the Whanganui railway compensation case, which will go to arbitration.
A suggestion by the Hon. Wī Tako Ngātata, that all speeches made by the Maori members of Parliament in the House, should be printed in the government newspaper, Te Waka.
From the Pall Mall Gazette, detailing the debt level of the whole world. Lists countries and their debt, and a final world total is given.
[English translations included.]
p.241 [News items]
Census figures from March 1874 divided into tribal groups of the North Island only.
A report from a passenger aboard the missionary schooner, Southern Cross, giving details of his journey through the Pacific Islands. Describes a massacre that took place between the people of Māta and Malanta over the kidnapping of a Malanta boy for use by Māta as labour.
[English translation included.]
pp.241-242 [News item]
Refers to the petition from Hauraki Maori concerning a halt to sales of Maori land, equal representation in Parliament and Maori not being allowed to serve on juries.
[English translation included.]
p.242 Correspondence
From Hōri Hukahuka and Porikapa Tamaihotua, Waipawa
Concerns notification in Te Wananga of forthcoming Native Land Court sittings.
pp.242-243 [Notice]
Concerns recent Native Land Court cases relating to land and succession orders in the Pātea district.
[Partial English translation.]
Advising the stud fees.
[Animal pound notices]
From M. Tekara and Wiremu Kotiwini, Hastings
Two notices concerning horses and cattle held at the animal pound to be sold if not collected within two weeks.
p.244 A notice of the ruling of the Native Land Court, 1873
A list of results from various sittings of the Native Land Court at Napier.
The first third of the page contains a list of people who asked for a survey of land, followed by a list of the land blocks, the boundaries of the land and finally where a copy of the official survey map can be found.
The second third of the page lists people who succeeded to land, who they have succeeded from, and the particular land block.
The last third of the page contains a list of people who had their land partitioned, and Crown grants issued, and the third column names the areas where the land is situated.
pp.245-248 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kohikorewe. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts at Taratera [Taradale].
From Hōne Maki Pe. Saddler and leather goods.
From Te Houra. Advertisement for plows, saddles, leather ware and other items for use with horses and carts.
From Takena Mā. A clothing store advertising the best clothes in the Province.
From Tātana. Sells goods such as wine and rum.
From H.Kata. House builder's advertisement for work in the Province of Hawke's Bay.
From H.Wiremu. Sells saddles, iron goods and goods made by carpenters. All goods from England.
From the Kamatira Hotel. Advertisement for hotel accommodation. Lists prices for meals and accommodation.
From E.Ahitana. The proprietor of the Provincial Hotel advertising the alcohol available at his hotel.
From H.Tiiri. Advertisement for tea and sugar.
From Te Pairini. Advertising services as an ironmonger.
From Ropihone and Iriwini. Sell goods such as blankets, clothing, wine and beer.
From The Governor Brown Hotel. Advertising the fine hospitality and accommodation offered by the hotel. Also good stabling for horses.
From Tavistock Store. Advertisement for a merchant selling goods such as clothing, shoes and boots, household goods and general groceries. Also an agent for Te Wananga, the Daily Telegraph and The New Zealand Insurance Company.
[English translation included.]
From Hōne Ropitini. Advertisement from a watch and jewellery maker.
From J.Kirimiri. Advertisement from a clothing store, competitive prices.
From R.Mira. A stock agent. Lists the breeds of rams. Also deals in sheep flocks, and buys sheep for butchering.
From Pene Mete. Advertisement for his services as a house builder and architect.
From N.P.Paranite. Advertising his goods for sale at the best prices in Napier.
Te Wananga office
Explains the location of the newspaper's office, and states that the printer is Hēnare Hira [Henry Hill] and publisher, Hēnare Tōmoana.