Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 27

p.329 [Advertisement]
From W.H.Binks, advising all Ngāti Kahungunu people living outside the Province of Hawke's Bay of his store in Napier. Sells saddles, boots and other quality goods at very reasonable prices, and invites people to come and inspect his merchandise
pp.330-331 [Advertisement]
From Rāpata Pāma, advising the stud fees for the horse, Papapa.
From M.Boylan, advertising his services as a gunsmith.
[English translation included.]
From Tāmati Kane, advising the stud fees for the horse, Tiuka.
From Rāwiri Peremanga, advising the stud fees for the horse, Terenga.
From Te M.Hāpimana, advising the stud fees for the horse, Ianga Tapiona.
From Ārena Mākarini, advising the stud fees for the horse, Kingipini.
From R.Henihana. Sells and repairs watches.
From A.H.Parona, advising the stud fee, qualities and pedigree of the horse, Kairaka.
p.332 The Bank
Underwriters for houses and ships for a small fee. Signed by Rōpata Tapihau, Napier.
From Paranihi Petara. Manufacturer of saddles and other equipment for use with horses.
From Hare Taihi. Tailor.
From Hare Teira. Footwear manufacturer.
Advertising his services as surveyor and civil engineer.
[English translation included.]
From G.Pākina. Manufacturer of carts and harness equipment, and is an ironmonger.
From H.J.Hiki. Footwear manufacturer.
From T.Wiremu. Footwear manufacturer.
p.333 Cost [of subscription]
Contains rates for yearly subscription, and the price for single copies of Te Wananga.
Iaka Poaka, a chief of the Rongowhakaata tribe.
[English translation included.]
pp.333-334 [Editorial]
Concerns a report from the New Zealand Times, criticising Te Wananga for pursuing the story of the `Ring'. Discusses claims in the Wellington Times concerning the land sales in Hawke's Bay, that state that Te Wananga twists the truth in its articles. The Editor replies that Te Wananga prints the speeches as they occurred in Parliament.
Also discusses an accusation against the Editor of Te Waka Maori, Mr Grindell, who was accused of receiving money to assist with obtaining Karaitiana Takamoana's signature on the deed for Heretaunga. [Refer also to Vol.2, No.25:303-305]
[English translation included.]
pp.334-335 [Brief news items]
Advising the next Parliamentary elections to be held in January 1876.
Report in the Evening Star discussing the future plans of the Native Minister, following his re-election in January.
Reports the death of a Taranaki chief, Poharama, who was a strong supporter of Te Whiti.
Report from the Grahamstown Star concerning the number of members in Parliament. Considers that 78 men ample representation and urges that the Representation Bill not be passed.
Report from the Poverty Bay Herald concerning an important Native Land Court sitting to be held in Awanui. States that up to 3,000 Maori are expected to attend because the land in question has not previously been available. States that Major Rōpata is expected to attend and Mr Adair's steamer is being made available for transportation between Gisborne and Awanui.
Identifies by name the lands recently proclaimed to have been brought under the Native Reserves Act, 1856. Lists the acreage and boundary marks, such as streams and harbour edges.
[English translation included.]
pp.335-336 Correspondence
From the Committee of Ngāti Apa, Pārewanui, to Rēnata Kawepō
States that the committee supports Kawepō in his bid to establish ownership to his land at Waitapu [refer to Vol.2, No.18: 194], and also states the Ngāti Apa people have met and agreed to Kawepō's right to the land.
[English translation included.]
From Āperahama Tīpae, Whangaehu
Supports the claim by Rēnata Kawepō and others to the land at Waitapu, agrees that Kawepō has the ancestral rights to the land, and states that any dispute between Kawepō and Te Hākeke is only between those two. Contains details of a meeting to be held at Arataumaihi in January, to discuss issue further.
[English translation included.]
pp.336-340 The debate on the Hawke's Bay `Ring' land transactions.
Report into the parliamentary speeches concerning the `Ring'. Outlines the Native Land Court processes in establishing new title or European leases to Native Land. Describes how the leases were the first step towards the European freehold of Native land; rents were withheld by the lessors and the Native landowners ran up large debts to the local storekeepers, and how debts were converted to mortgages and eventually the storekeepers foreclosed and took over the land. States that these were deliberate land acquisition tactics used against Maori landowners. Contains a detailed example of a transaction Hawke's Bay.
[English translation included.]
p.340 Nash and Davies
Advertising their services as painters, sign writers and House decorators.
[English translation included.]
p.341 Notice
From Hēnare Tōmoana, advising the date of the horse races to be held at Pākōwhai.
Kohekerewa and Co
Advertising the return of their store to Napier, and that they have good prices and selection of exclusive goods.
Young Champion
Advertising the forth-coming sale of the horse Young Champion, and lists his qualities, pedigree and racing successes.
From Mackenzie and Sunders. A debt collection notice on behalf of the West Clive Flour Mill.
[English translation included.]
p.342 [Advertisement]
From J.Pauihi. Advising the leather goods and carts that they supply.
From Keremeneta Hupata, offering a reward for a missing horse, lost between Napier and Te Aute.
[English translation included.]
From Te Otimi, concerning a missing check drawn in favour of Alfred R.Lyons.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Havelock
From Tāmati Renora, contains a list of horses that are being held at the animal pound which will be sold if not collected in two weeks.
From Porikapa Tamaihotua, warning to Mr Rathbone to remove his cattle from lands at Waipāoa.
Wananga Office.
Subscription notice from Te Wananga publisher, Henry Hill.
[English translation included.]
pp.343-346 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kohikorewe. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts at Taratera [Taradale].
From Hōne Maki Pe. Saddler and leather goods.
From Te Houra. Advertisement for plows, saddles, leather ware and other items for use with horses and carts.
From Takena Mā. A clothing store advertising the best clothes in the Province.
From Tātana. Sells goods such as wine and rum.
From H.Kata. House builder's advertisement for work in the Province of Hawke's Bay.
From H. Wiremu. Sells saddles, iron goods and goods made by carpenters. All goods from England.
From the Kamatira Hotel. Advertisement for hotel accommodation. Lists prices for meals and accommodation.
From E. Ahitana. The proprietor of the Provincial Hotel advertising the alcohol available at his hotel.
From H.Tiiri. Advertisement for tea and sugar.
From Te Pairini. Advertising services as an ironmonger.
From The Governor Brown Hotel. Advertising the fine hospitality and accommodation offered by the hotel. Also has good stabling for horses.
From A.Āperahama. Buys tobacco.
From Tavistock Store. Advertisement for a merchant selling goods such as clothing, shoes and boots, household goods and general groceries. Also is an agent for Te Wananga, the Daily Telegraph and The New Zealand Insurance Company.
[English translation included.]
From Hōne Ropitini. Advertisement from a watch and jewellery maker.
From J.Kirimiri. Advertisement from a clothing store, competitive prices.
From R.Mira. Advertisement from a stock agent. Lists the breeds of rams and advises that he also deals in sheep flocks, and buys sheep for butchering.
From Pene Mete. Advertisement for his services as a house builder and architect.
From N.P.Paranite. Advertising his goods for sale at the best prices in Napier.
Te Wananga office
Explains the location of the newspaper's office, and states that the printer is Hēnare Hira [Henry Hill] and publisher, Hēnare Tōmoana.