Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 13

pp.165-166 Meeting of Parliament
Date of the next parliamentary session.
[English translation included.]
Wī Kātene and Te Wananga
Discusses a letter received by Te Wananga, in support of Wī Kātene. Defends earlier comments regarding Kātene, and is suspicious of the supporter's motives in writing.
Disturbance at Waiapu
Report about a dispute at Waiapu concerning cattle trespassing on Maori land and how Maori landowners seized the cattle and sold them. States that the matter is now before the court.
pp.166-170 Great Maori meeting at Waiohiki, 23 March, 1876
Discusses a meeting which attracted 1200 people. Lists the areas they represented.
Discusses the reasons for the meeting: a united force in Parliament; a halt to all land sales; government appropriation of Maori land for railways; telegraph lines over Maori land; support for Sir George Grey as the leader of all Maori people; the Queen to be petitioned to ensure that Grey is reappointed; and the use of Te Wananga as a tool to achieve power and unification of Maori groups.
Lists the representatives who spoke.
Contains whakataukī [sayings].
Also contains reference to Maori expectations of the Treaty of Waitangi, and land ownership issues.
[English translation included.]
p.170 [Letters to the Editor]
From W.Maihi Te Rangikāheke
My thoughts
Outlines thoughts and suggestions to the Maori Members of Parliament of help to Maori while serving their parliamentary term.
States that the ways of the country's leaders are not those for Maori and that consideration should be given to the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Suggests ways to improve Maori representation in Parliament and states that if Parliament does not agree, Maori members should leave. Lists names of 27 prominent Maori men.
States that equal representation of both Pakeha and Maori in Parliament is the greatest desire of Maori. Contains suggestions for the Maori Members of Parliament; discusses the dominance of Pakeha laws over Maori and methods of voting.
pp.171-173 A response to Mohi Tūrei's letter
Criticises Mohi's support of the Government and Sir Donald McLean, the Native Minister. Questions the whereabouts of promised schools, and discusses land taken for railways.
Queries various unfulfilled promises from Mohi Tūrei. Contains whakataukī [saying].
pp.173-174 [Letters to the Editor]
From Moroati Kiharoa, Hūkāretu, Manawatū
Suggests that the real reason for Maori land confiscation is the marginalisation of Maori by the Queen's power and authority through the new Pakeha laws, and discusses a specific land sale dispute.
From Hira Rangimatatini, Te Tātua
Disputes notice from a newspaper [unnamed] about the awarding of crown grants for land at Te Tātua, and opposes Hitiri Te Paerata's claims about the land, saying that they only apply to some of the tribal groups.
From Hakapine Hura Te Araroa, Hikutaia, Hauraki
Contains a list of items that were consumed by fire when a house burnt down.
Criticises the Maori Members of Parliament, including Karaitiana Takamoana.
pp.174-175 [Advertisements]
From Pairani, a debt collection notice.
From Tāmati Tauni. Established a blacksmith shop in Hastings, which also carries out farm machinery repairs.
From H.J.Hiki. Boot and shoe manufacturer based in Hawheraka [Havelock].
Advertisement for opera and plays being performed at the Oldfellows' Hall, Napier.
[Partial English translation]
p.175 [Animal pound notices]
From Hōne Rikihana, W.Kuruwini, F.F.Huri, Tāmati Renao, Hēmi Katarira and Hōhepa Whaitiro, advising that animals held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
Fares and timetable for the steamer, Manaia.
From The Bank [of New Zealand?], able to deal in damaged property.
From C.R.Robinson. Surveyor of bridges and land.
[English translation included.]
p.176 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kahikuru. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts.
From Hōne [John] Peri. General merchant, offers low prices.
From Kamatira Hotera. Hotel accommodation. States, `Maoris welcome'.
From Takena and Co. Clothing and accessory shop.
Notice from Houra requesting that the Maori named Rota who purchased a saddle from him, return the horse bridle that was also taken.
From J.Kirimiri. Clothing retailer.
From H.Tiri. Tea and sugar merchants.
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.