Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 51

p.473 Notice listing dates and times for sunrise and sunset.
A notice for the subscribers to Te Wananga
Uses metaphoric language to remind readers of the good work done by Te Wananga in informing Maori of issues that concern them, and to continue to subscribe to the newspaper with articles of interest.
Notice for the many Maori of New Zealand
Advises a forthcoming journey by members of Te Wananga's committee to source material for the newspaper.
Death notice
Ahi Kōwhai of Ngāti Hāmua.
Notice from Te Wananga requesting that the person who sent money for a subscription send in their name, as the Editor does not know to whom the newspaper should be sent.
Market prices.
List of stock and produce prices from the markets at Auckland and Dunedin.
p.474 Sir Donald McLean's address
Summary and comments on McLean's speech to Parliament.
[English translation included.]
p.475 [Editorial]
Suggestion from Te Wananga that Maori use the Christmas and New Year holiday periods to consider the benefits of European cultural practices and to `lift themselves from that lower position which they now hold'.
[English translation included.]
pp.475-476 Important Maori meeting at Ōmahu
Discusses a meeting called by Rēnata Kawepō to discuss any progress made in parliament to the recommendations that came out of the Pākōwhai meetings.
[English translation included.]
p.476 [Notice]
Advises the resignation of Sir Donald McLean from the position of Native Minister.
[English translation included.]
The news
Notice concerning the release of salmon into the Ngaruroro river, Hawke's Bay.
Explanation by Karaitiana Takamoana of how parliamentary speeches are recorded in Hansard.
Notice of a drought affecting the wheat and other crops in Kihipene [Gisborne?].
Concerns a sighting at Parekāretu by a Pakeha of a bird similar to a moa, and includes a description.
pp.476-480 House of Representatives
Supply - Class VI - Native Department
Debate concerning the work and funding of the Native Department.
Contains a report by Sheehan concerning Maori land at Ōmarunui and states that owners have been wrongly advised by the Native Land Court, which resulted in them losing land that should have been reserved for their exclusive use. Cites an equivalent English case which set a precedent in English law for redress to be given to Maori, and states that redress can still be sought from the English Privy Council if all legal avenues have been exhausted here.
Also discusses the Hawke's Bay land block at Mangateretere and details the various transactions and complaints concerning this land block.
Also concerns the lack of knowledge Maori have with which to deal with Courts, and their general lack of understanding of Maori land legislation.
[English translation included.]
pp.481-483 [Letters to the Editor]
From Te Mātenga Taiwhanga
Expresses support for the Maori Members in Parliament in their work to overturn the laws of the Government.
Also comments on the return of Sir George Grey to Parliament, as Maori consider his return will prevent any further fighting between Maori and Pakeha.
Concludes with comments concerning Ngā Puhi anger at the work of the Government.
From The Ngāti Whakaue Committee [contains twenty signatures], Ōhinemutu
Notice to all Ngāti Raukawa peoples of Kapiti and Waikato concerning an alleged meeting to be held at Pukeora, Rotorua.
From Karanema Tawhio, Whakatāne
Reply to an earlier letter from Hoani Nahe concerning a woman who administers to the sick in the Whakatāne area, and the women at Whakatāne who are weaving hats from kiekie leaves [Freycinetia banksii], to make some money.
From Manaena Tinikirunga, Pākōwhai, Ahuriri
Reply to a letter written by Tāmati Hāpimana and published in Te Waka Maori, No. 21, 19 August 1876. Discusses several points raised by Hāpimana, including his criticism of the meeting at Pākōwhai, and the use of whakataukī [sayings] to support arguments.
Also disputes criticism of Maori requests for government money to hold meetings.
Disagrees with Hāpimana's criticism of Ngāti Kahungunu's friendship with the Crown, and defends the tribe's stand.
Also disagrees with Hāpimana's comments concerning Maori representation in Parliament.
From Tīpene Hōtene, Whakatāne
Regarding a letter sent to Te Wananga by Hoani Nahe, concerning the return of confiscated land in the Waikato. Agrees with Nahe's comments that the lands should be returned, and that this should take place before Tāwhiao meets with the Governor, who agrees with the lands being returned.
p.488 Public notices
Timetable and fares for the steamer.
Race results from the horse racing at Pōrangahau.
p.489 Notice from Piripi Te Māri advising that any person found digging trenches at the mouth of the Wairarapa will be prosecuted.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Hōri Tāwai [Tāwhai?] and Nepe Apatu
Warns not to take dogs over land at Rākautātahi.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Paratari who sells saddlery and equipment for horses.
One pound reward
From Ereatara Kuru, advising a reward for information on a missing horse.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Te Wara, manufactures watches and jewellery.
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.