Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 4, Nama 7

p.65 Notice advising the dates and times of sunrise and sunset.
Paerani and Company
Advertising services as a gunsmith, and sale of guns, gunpowder and gun licences.
pp.65-66 The Napier election
Notification of the outcome of the recent election in which Mr Sutton had the majority with 23 votes.
Criticises people who nominated Mr Tiffen and then did not vote for him, and also discusses the outcome of the election and suggests some reasons why the voting went as it did.
Also suggests it is a moral victory to Mr Buchanan given by the working classes of Napier and the rural people who wish to free themselves from poverty.
[English translation included.]
pp.66-67 Repudiation
Discusses the public perception of the Repudiation Movement and suggests that this movement has been much maligned in the press and that much misinformation has been put about. Outlines the reasons for the movement: the return of Maori land taken through dubious acquisition practices, some of which are detailed, along with the resulting Maori dissatisfaction.
[English translation included.]
pp.66-67 An account of the descendants of Paikea
A tribute to Keita Kaino, the wife of Teone Tōpi Pātuki, who died at Ruapuke Island. Contains her whakapapa [genealogy] from the time of Tahupōtiki.
[English translation included.]
pp.68- 70 To the Editor of Te Wananga
Letter from Hoani Nahe discussing Mr Mackay's purchase of the Te Aroha Block, and how the money was paid to Hauraki tribes and not the Ngāti Rāhiri owners. Details of a letter printed in the Thames Advertiser outlining Ngāti Rāhiri's response to the sale are reproduced in Te Wananga, and describe the tribe's occupation of Te Aroha which resulted in retaliatory action from Ngāti Tamaterā, who established a site at Ōhinemuri and prevented Ngāti Rāhiri from leaving the area. Details the escalating problems because of the Ngāti Tamaterā action and the talk of war between the two groups with recitation on both sides of past ancestral deeds and prowess in war. Also states that if this action results in war, then Nahe will resign his seat in Parliament in protest. States also that he could be persuaded to stay, as he realises that this evil has been caused by government actions concerning Maori lands.
[Partial English translation included.]
pp.72-73 [Notices]
To the captain of this ship, Te Wananga.
From Rota R. Te Tahiwi, praising the good work of Te Wananga in bringing various issues to the attention of all people.
Concerns the marriage of Nātanahira Wī Parata Te Kākākura to Āreta Hoani Taipua Te Punairangiriri. Contains a description of the wedding ceremony, the bridal party, their clothes and the flower crowns worn by both the bride and her attendants. States that some Pakeha attended but the majority of guests was Maori; contains a list of the foods that were consumed: 1,000 kererū [wood pigeon], 491 kākā [parrot] and other Maori delicacies. States that speeches were given by Wī Parata, the groom, Mātene Te Whiwhi, the Rev. Rāwiri, Hēma Te Ao, Hape Te Horohau, James Ransfield and Karanana Kapukai.
pp.73-74 Death notices
Erina Te Kōro. Contains a short obituary.
Hāpeta Te Māhunga, 8 years of age.
Rōpata Hōri Te Waru, 1 year old.
Hohipuha Te Wīata, 1 year old.
Hēni Nota Te Tārure, ten months old.
Kipihi Te Rei, ten months old.
A Pakeha, drowned in the floods at Ōtaki.
p.74 Parliament Select Committee
Petition from Nātanahira and 69 others, asking the committee to ban Pakeha cattle from using Maori land.
Also asks for an increase in the price of land to £5 per acre, and the price of kauri tree saplings to increase to £5 per tree. The committee stated that neither of these requests came under its jurisdiction.
Petition from Nireaha Tāmaki and others, asking for the sale of land at Woodville (Ngā Awapurua) to be overturned because the vendors had no authorisation to sell. The committee states that it has no authority to overturn decisions made by the Native Land Court.
Petition from Hōne Taiake, concerning land at Ōpuawhango, in the northern North Island leased out by Mōkau, Taiake's father and since sold. States that he believed the money he received was for a lease, but Wiremuhana, the superintendent of Auckland, confirmed the sale.
The committee has made no decision.
Petition from Waretini Tuainuku and five others, concerning the surveying of land areas in the Horowhenua that contain mahinga kai [food gathering] areas.
pp.74-77 House of Representatives
Maori members' speeches
Debate concerning the demise of the newspaper Te Waka Maori because the Government no longer has the money to fund the newspaper. States that Maori members want Te Waka Maori to remain as it is the only paper that publishes the Hansard report [the parliamentary speeches] and is therefore important to Maori.
Also reports wish for speeches to be recorded in correct Maori language.
[English translation included.]
pp.77-78 Letters to the Editor
From Apanui Te Hamaiwaho, Rangi Tūkehu and Īhaka Te Tāiki
Refers to a meeting held at Pākōwhai and the decision to hold the next meeting in the Ngāti Awa tribal area, at Whakatāne. States that the meeting will be held on May 14 1877.
Contains a waiata [song] describing how they wait for people to come.
From Wiremu Pāuro, Pārekarangi
Criticises an article that appeared in Te Waka Maori concerning the Pūtāiki [Maori committee], reserving most of his criticism for Pakeha who encourage the type of slander that is written in Te Waka Maori. Reminds Pakeha of the Treaty of Waitangi in which the mana [authority] of the land is held by Maori and states that the Government has ignored this.
Also discusses the work of other tribal groups that is similar to that of the Pūtāiki and quotes from the Scriptures to reinforce his criticisms.
Compares government work, such as the Native Land Court, crown grants and railways, to the restrictive bonds mentioned in the Scriptures, and states that the work of the Pūtāiki and other Maori committees will help Maori break free from these.
From Nireaha Tāmaki, Ngā Awapurua, Manawatū
Obituary for Koeti Te Kaurangi. Contains a waiata tangi [lament].
From Hoani Tuhimata and Tiopira Hūkiki
A letter for Hēnare Matua and Hēnare Tōmoana, containing two issues: Maori unification and a meeting to be held at Mātaatua. States that it was agreed that the meeting discuss unification should be held at Mātaatua, not Pākōwhai as in previous years.
pp.78-79 From Hāmiora Maraetai
Contains a description of the journey to New Zealand by the Tainui canoe, and also discusses the two peoples in this land and two religions. Uses words from the gospel of Paul to describe the problems caused by the government to Maori people. Contains a waiata [song].
p.79 Notice to all the Maori tribes of New Zealand
Advising a forthcoming meeting to be held at Pākōwhai.
[English translation included.]
From Hēmi Ropi, advertising his skill in shaping pounamu [greenstone] into jewellery such as hei tiki [carved figures], mere [greenstone clubs] and other ornamental pieces.
The hospital for Hawke's Bay
Concerns the hospital proposed for Hawke's Bay, and praises the people who have given money and land for the hospital.
From Paratari, advising the arrival of new stock in his store at Taradale, where he sells saddles and equipment for horses.
Advertisement from M.R.Mira, describing the racehorses that are to be auctioned.
From Mānihera Toti warning people not to allow stock to graze on his land.
[English only.]
p.80 The steamer, Manaia
Contains timetable for service between Napier and Wairoa.
The Wananga office
Advertisement advising the address of the newspaper's office.
[English translation included.]
From Te Ereme Parana, advising that he has hired a debt collector.
From Te Huta, advising that his Havelock North store has been re-established at Napier.
Advertisement from Te Wara. Sells and repairs watches.
Advertisement from Henry Hill, the printer of Te Wananga.
Cost [of subscription]
Subscription details for Te Wananga.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.