Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 10

p.109 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
From Rutoka and Pārai, advertising the many varieties of grass seed that have become available.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
pp.110-111 [Editorial]
Outlines the advantages of having Maori owned and controlled newspapers.
[English translation included.]
pp.111-112 Letter of support for Te Wananga from the tribes of the East Coast from Te Māhia to Hicks Bay. Contains large list of signatories.
[English translation included.]
p.112 Department of Maori, Wellington
Contains a request for all Maori and half-caste Maori to comply with a forthcoming census of the Maori population.
[News items]
Turkey's comment
Reports that Turkey has asked that all warships leave Turkish national waters.
The gold miners
Reports that Pakeha gold miners have gone to Ngāti Kahungunu territory to search for gold.
The Turkish-Russian peace accord
Reports on the continuation of peace negotiations between Turkey and Russia.
The British soldiers
Reports that Britain has established a fighting force to ensure that disputes throughout the world do not escalate.
Reports that Austrian forces will also participate in maintaining world peace.
The land surveys at Taupō
Reports that all surveying of Maori land has been completed in the Taupō area.
Te Aute
Reports that Maori from the East Coast and the West Coast have met to discuss Te Aute [the school?], and that their submission will be presented to Governor Grey.
The British soldiers
Describes the numbers involved in Britain's peace-keeping force.
The Turkish-Russian peace accord
The negotiations will take place in Paris [Berlin?] and Prince Bismarck [Germany] will chair the committee.
The Danube River
Discusses the river Danube that was dammed by Russia.
Te Topata, Whakatū
Announces the retirement of Te Topata [?] from Parliament.
p.113 [News items]
Two new Maori newspapers
Discusses the beginning of two new Maori newspapers to be published by the Standard and the Herald.
Announces that Russia has asked to receive the Turkish warships.
Announces Te Rire [?] Wood's retirement from Parliament. States that F.T.Moss will replace him.
British people in these islands
Announces that the British Government will act as protector for both Pakeha and Maori people.
Two new Maori newspapers
Repeat of item above in English.
The Turkish-Russian peace accord
States that peace has not yet been established between Russia and Turkey.
Rees at Gisborne
Reports that a meeting was held at Gisborne to discuss Maori land issues.
Russia and Turkey
Reports that there is not yet any result in the peace negotiations and that Te Wananga has received a huge amount of information regarding this matter.
Governor Grey in the South Island
Concerns the meeting held by Grey and outlines the new Government's policies.
pp.113-115 Supreme Court, Wellington
Details the court case between Takamoana and Ormond concerning land in Hawke's Bay.
[English translation included.]
p.115 The journey by Governor Grey and his government minister to Wairarapa on 15 February 1878
Contains reports from Hōne Huri concerning the visit by Grey and his colleagues to Wairarapa. States that not all the reports have been received but the greeting from Ngāti Kahungunu is published, as is the reply from Hoani Nahe.
Nahe's reply contains a tauparapara [ceremonial recitation], and acknowledges support from Ngāti Kahungunu.
p.116 An Act to Repeal the Dog Nuisance Act, Session IV, No.18, of the Provincial Council of Wellington
Publication of the Act in full, stating that Te Wananga will publish a Maori language version at a later date.
[English only.]
pp.116-117 Correspondence
From Pene Ngāhiwi Tukurangi
Outlines the events that took place at a meeting in Waikato at the Wareotangi council house, 9 February 1878.
[English translation included.]
pp.117-118 From Wī Pere and other signatories, Tūranga
To the chief head of the Government and also to the Minister for Native Affairs, the Honorable John Sheehan
A petition that calls for the resignation of the licensed interpreters who were employed by the previous government.
[English translation included.]
pp.118-119 [Letters to the Editor]
From Te Rūtene Ahunuku Hurahura, Ōweta, Tūranga
Outlines the proceedings of a meeting held at Waerenga-a-hika by the council and lists the laws that will be put in place for the area.
From Nōpera Kuikainga
Discusses a report of the railway extension from Te Kōpua to Tahoraiti and states that his tribal group who descend from Rangiwhakaewa, did not agree with this.
From Te Morewa, Matamata
Warns Pakeha not to come on to his lands in order to survey them. Lists the boundaries of the land in question.
From Tāniora Te Korowai
Reports the wedding between Wāta and Rīpeka that took place at Pahana, Hokianga. Describes the wedding breakfast and states that between 200-300 people attended.
From Pāora Taihaki, Waiapu
Challenges the new Members of Parliament to outline their policies so that they may be scrutinised by the people.
pp.119-120 [Letters to the Editor]
From Hōri Te Aroatua
Contains a list of fines payable, as determined by the Ngāi Tahu committee, for various infringements, including taking alcohol into the dining halls, being drunk on Sundays and playing cards on Sundays.
From Hōne Rehu, Moeraki
Announces the wedding between Te Kooti Rehu and Mere Rēnata at Moeraki on 30 November 1877. Describes the festivities that took place.
From Nōpera Te Herekau, Manawatū
Obituary for Arapere Tkurhare [Takurehare] of the Ngāti Whakatere tribal group.
From Hoani M. Te Rangiotū and other signatories
Reports a meeting held at Motuiti, Pokitaone [Foxton], Manawatū on 4 December 1877. States that the reason for the meeting was to express support for the new Government and Sir George Grey. Contains greetings to Grey, Sheehan, Karaitiana Takamoana, Hoani Nahe and Taiaroa.
From H.P.Tūnuiārangi, Hinana, Maungaroke, Wairarapa
States that he is to be appointed as judge in the Wairarapa province and that any objections must be filed within 12 days.
From MīkaeraMaru
Discusses a meeting that was held at Pāpāwai, Wairarapa, to honour Governor Grey, Hōne Hiana and Hoani Nahe.
pp.120-121 [Letter to the Editor]
From Nōpera Kuikainga
Discusses missing animals on Maori land, leased by J.D.Omana.
p.121 [Letters to the Editor]
From Tīpene Matua, Pōrangahau
Uses metaphoric language to discuss the demise of a rival newspaper, Te Waka Maori, and to urge support for the remaining newspaper, Te Wananga.
From Pētera Te Honotapu
To Mihaere
Expresses sympathy to Mihaere for the deeds of Ngāti Kahungunu people of Te Wairoa [a reference to earlier letters regarding the Nūhaka murders by Ngāti Kahungunu, Vol. 5, No. 9:104]. Concludes with information concerning the whereabouts of a book that contains information about the murders.
From Nikora Rotohiko
Discusses an incident concerning Te Kooti, and a meeting between him and the Native Minister, Sheehan at Te Kūiti. States that the Native Minister advised Te Kooti to petition Parliament explaining his soldiers' deeds in Gisborne. Concludes with a plea not to disagree with Te Kooti's residence in Waikato.
From Hōri Perenganoa [Paranganoa?], Kōpua, Āreka area
Disputes claims that Tāwhiao summoned Grey to come and speak with him, and that Te Ngākau holds more power than Tāwhiao.
From Pētera Honotapu, Wairoa
Concerns his ownership and sale of land and instructs people to write to him at his village at Tūranga for further clarification of the sales.
pp.121-122 A warm welcome to Governor Grey and his colleagues from all the Maori people of the North and South Islands.
Contains messages of support for both Grey and Sheehan [Repeat of Vol.5, No.7:82].
pp.122-123 [Letter to the Editor]
From Apehama Whakangā and other signatories
Discusses a meeting held at Pōrangahau at which a funeral service was held for Mere Hāmi Potaggaroa [Pōtangaroa?].
Also discusses the outcome of the second day of the meeting, which concerned land issues and alcohol problems. Contains a list of regulations drawn up to regulate issues such as adultery, alcohol abuse and adherance to Christian ethics.
p.123 Horses for sale
Advertisement from Te Kirinini [R.Greening], advising a forthcoming horse sale.
Notice from Doctor Tera, advising that he will be setting up in practice at Waiapu.
£5 reward
From P.Maroni, offering a reward for information leading to the apprehension of an arsonist.
Hōhepa Pāka and Company
Advertising blacksmith services.
Advertisement from Te Wara and Co., manufacturer of greenstone jewellery.
p.124 Notice
From Ata T.Hatene, warning about poisons he will lay on his property.
[English translation included.]
From the Wairarapa committee, advising the change of venue for a forthcoming meeting.
A notice to Maori
Reminder notice for subscriptions, listing the yearly subscription as £1.2s.6d.
Notice from Maki Tonore and Parahi, advertising that they act as agents for the leasing and selling of Maori land.
The steamer Manaia
Contains details of service between Napier and Wairoa.
£100 reward
From W.J.Millar, requesting information concerning railway vandalism.
[English translation included.]
From Hēmi Roai, manufactures greenstone jewellery.
From Te Mira, warning Maori that it is illegal to play cards while travelling on the trains as per rule 31.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]