Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 13

p.137 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
From Rutoka and Pārai, advertising the many varieties of grass seed that have become available.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
p.138-139 [Editorial]
The State prosecution against George Jones, Jun
Concerns the libel case brought against George Jones, Editor of the Ōāmaru Mail, by the Hon.F.Whitaker.
[English translation included.]
p.139 The news
Ruka Tiopira, Ōmahu
Concerns Tiopira's son who was accidentally injured with a knife. States that the Pakeha doctor in Napier gave him medical assistance.
Mr Stout
Acknowledges the intellect of Mr Stout and approves his appointment to Grey's cabinet.
Immigrants to these islands
Expresses support for the new immigrants coming to New Zealand.
Sir John Coates
Reports Sir John coming to enable the people of these lands to ally with the Queen's people [Britain] on warships.
p.140 [News items]
The Prince of England
Announces the betrothal between the Te Tiuka o Kanoi [Duke of Connaught?] and Princess Touha [Louise] of Prussia.
Strong winds at Sydney
Briefly describes the destruction caused by strong winds.
Te Peka
Describes the three suicide attempts by Te Peka.
Reports that English warships have arrived in the Turkish Sea, despite Russian objections.
The Americans
Russia has asked that America be involved in the peace negotiations.
Turkey's warships
Concerns the dispute over the future of the Turkish and Russian warships.
Storms in the Pacific Ocean
Reports that there have been many storms at sea this year causing the loss of boats and people.
Concerns Maori anger at Pakeha tourists who are climbing their ancestral mountain, Tongariro.
Prisoners taken during the war between Russia and Turkey
Reports that Russia took 170,000 Turkish captives including 20 superior officers, and 1,000 cannons.
pp.140-141 Sheehan and Ngāti Hauā at Tamahere, Waikato and Hauraki
Reports on a meeting between Sheehan and Ngāti Hauā chiefs at Tamahere, at which a tribal dispute over land surveying was discussed.
[English translation included.]
[Pages 140-141 are repeated]
pp.142-143 Sir George Grey at Dunedin
Details of a meeting at which Grey was guest of honour. Outlines his speech, which covered issues such as increasing the franchise, land taxation, and the benefits of colonisation, and records a resolution of support for Grey and his government passed by those present.
[English translation included.]
pp.143-144 Visit to Maori in Poverty Bay, Gisborne
Reports on a visit by Grey and Sheehan to Rāwiri, Gisborne, during which Sheehan promised to address issues concerning Maori land, in his capacity as Native Minister.
[English translation included.]
p.144 Native Minister at Gisborne
Reports a speech made by the Hon. J.Sheehan, the Native Minister. Outlines his proposals for his term as minister.
[English translation included.]
p.145 Man a laughing animal
Claims the superiority of the human species over the animal world because of their ability to laugh.
[English translation included.]
[Letters to the Editor]
From H.W.Tārawa
Replying to a letter from Tūnuiārangi [Vol.5, No.10-11:120], and stating that the issues have been dealt with under the law.
From Hōne Taupaki
To the Editor of Te Wananga
Asking for confirmation that his newspapers have been sent, the yearly subscription price, and acknowledgement of his letter.
Reply from the Editor that the subscription price is £1 2s 6d.
From Hāmuera Takurua, Napier
Notifying the death of his child, Rohe, aged 10.
From Hōri Te Aroatua, Takapau
Outlines a request he received from the Editor of the new version of Te Waka Maori, Mr Grindell, soliciting support from Maori.
[English translation included.]
p.145-147 Meeting of Maori tribes at Ōweta, Tūranga (Poverty Bay), to lament the death of the late Bishop Williams
Describes the meeting that took place as a farewell for the Bishop from his congregation.
[English translation included.]
p.147 [Letter to the Editor]
From Apehama Whakangā and other signatories
Contains several issues including a short obituary for Mere Hāmi Pōtangaroa; expresses support for an earlier letter asking for the abolition of alcohol, lists the people who have been selected to serve as the Pōrangahau committee and the regulations that have been set by the committee.
Maori Department, Wellington
Notice from T.W.Ruihi and Te Karaka
Contains a request for all Maori and half-caste Maori to comply with a forthcoming census of the Maori population.
The Native Land Court
Announces change of date for the next sitting in Napier, for the findings concerning Mangateretere West.
Notice from Doctor Tera, advising that he will be setting up in practice at Waiapu.
p.148 Notice
From Ata T.Hatene, warning about poisons he will lay on his property.
[English translation included.]
A notice to Maori
Reminder notice for subscriptions, listing the yearly subscription as £1.2s.6d.
Notice from Maki Tonore and Parahi, advertising that they act as agents for the leasing and selling of Maori land.
The steamer Manaia
Contains timetable for service between Napier and Wairoa.
£5 reward
From P.Maroni, offering a reward for information leading to the apprehension of an arsonist.
Advertisement from Te Wara and Company, manufacturers of greenstone jewellery.
£100 reward
From W.J.Millar, requesting information concerning railway vandalism.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Hēmi Roai, manufactures greenstone jewellery.
Notice from Te Mira, warning Maori that it is illegal to play cards while travelling on the trains as per rule 31.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]