Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 22

p.273 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
From Rutoka and Pārai, advertising the many varieties of grass seed that have become available.
Notice from Doctor Tera, advising that he will be setting up in practice at Waiapu.
p.274 Notice to correspondents to Te Wananga
From the Editor
A warning to all correspondents that their letters must be signed, so that readers may know who they are and judge the opinions accordingly.
pp.274-277 Death of Te Hāpuku Ngaruhe Te Ikanuiotemoana
Obituary for the chief, Te Hāpuku, following a short illness.
[English translation included.]
p.277 News items
The Hinemoa and communication from the Premier
States that Grey has been unable to attend the funeral for Te Hāpuku because of delay in receiving notification of the chief's death.
[English translation included.]
The ancestral line of the English people
Discusses requests for information regarding the ancestry of English people. States that they have published a letter outlining such a request and will publish a serialised account of English history.
p.278 [Letter to the Editor]
From Monita Eruera, at the Bridge Railway, near to where the engine whistles, and also near Pākōwhai
Requesting a history of England and the origins of English people.
[English translation included.]
History of England by John White
Contains description of early England. Describes the geography of the English countryside prior to the Crown Colony in New Zealand, and the food and other resources gathered from the forests. Contains general discussion on the Druid people, describing the making of canoes from wood and animal hide and other industries that became established; describes body decoration and clothing; discusses Druid religious beliefs.
pp.279-281 Reports from the Natives Affairs Committee
Advises that Te Wananga has provided a Maori translation of the parliamentary speeches so that Maori will know what is being discussed in the House.
Petition from the Uriohau people, concerning the Native land legislation before the House.
The Committee replies that they have notified the House of the concerns expressed in this petition and other similar ones received.
Petition from Pairama Ngutahi and others, concerning the sale of alcohol.
The Committee replies that this is not a matter they can decide upon.
Petition from Maihi P.Kawiti and 269 other signatories, concerning the new Native land bill before the House and stating that it should be dismissed along with the previous Native Land Act of 1873-1874.
Petition from Te Meremana Kōnui, concerning the omission of her name from a Crown land grant.
The Committee replies that the matter is being investigated and if her charge is correct, a remedy will be sought.
Petition from Te Wūnu Te Rangiwerohia and other signatories, asking that the Government stop purchasing Maori lands; that the Native land bill before Parliament be dismissed; for an end to government interference in Maori reserve lands; for an end to land surveys; for an end to the imponding of Maori livestock; for equal Maori representation in Parliament; for the expulsion of all the court judges.
The Committee replies that the grievances within the petition are outside its terms of reference.
Petition from Rāniera Wharerau and other signatories, expressing concern that Maori names are missing from the voting registers.
The Committee replies that the lists are published as true and correct in the Gazette or similar, as per requirements of legislation.
Petition from Āperahama Tuhunuiarangi, expressing concern at the exclusion of his tribal group from a recent land sale at Whanganui.
The Committee replies that the Government will hold an enquiry into the allegations.
Petition from Reha Āperahama, concerning allegations that the government agents are not handing on money to the Maori people in Hauraki.
The Committee replies that if the allegations prove to be correct, the agents will be dismissed.
Petition from Te Hahui and other signatories, asking that land near Tauranga be returned to them, as the confiscation was because of the actions of a different tribal group.
The Committee replies that they are dismayed at the subject of this petition and have forwarded it to the government for their deliberation.
Petition from H.M.Rangitakaiwaho and 166 other signatories, concerning the Native Land bill before Parliament.
The Committee replies that the Government has finished debating the bill, but as this petition contains many similar Maori concerns already presented, the Government would have taken these into account.
Petition from Teoti Pita Mutu and others, concerning Maori leasehold lands at Kaiapoi.
The Committee replies that a leasehold land bill is before the House and the concerns in this petition will be considered.
Petitions from Hōne Paratene and other signatories, and from Hēnare Tawha and other signatories, concerns Maori representation on the legislative committee and increased Maori representation from the South Island.
The Committee replies that the Government will consider the proposals in the petition when it resumes sitting.
pp.281-283 [Letters to the Editor]
From Rev.Wm.Scott Te Rato, Rāpaki
Discussing the wedding of Hēra Teone Pere of Tūāhuriri, and Teone Wātene. Lists the guests, some of whom came from the Chatham Islands, and provides other details of the day.
From Tūwhakairiora Committee, Horoera
Contains list of resolutions passed at the committee meeting held 7 March. Subjects include: Christian practices established in schools; unification of Pakeha and Maori under one law; development of land for descendants; requests for government officers to be replaced; control of animals; a list of fines for various offences; arrangements for schooling for children.
Notice from Kahuranaki House of Te Hāpuku, Te Hauke, Napier
Outlines the fines that will be imposed for drunkedness and supply of alcohol in the Hauke district. Lists the signatories, members of the Committee.
Notice from Te Hāpuku instructing that Lake Poukawa not be drained after he has died
From Te Harawira Te Tātere and other signatories, Te Hauke
Notice containing instructions from Te Hāpuku concerning ancestral lands at Te Hauke. Warns that there are few remaining lands there, they should be left for Maori, and that they hold the power, authority over the lands. Instructs that the lake should not be drained.
Also contains a copy of a letter to Governor Grey.
Requests that Grey recognise their authority over the lands and the lake at Te Hauke according to the wishes of Te Hāpuku.
From Tama Tauira, Whānui o Waihau, Tai Rāwhiti, Tūranganui
Īhaka Marino's journey to Te Rāwhiti [The East Coast] to his people at Waihau, Ūawa
Describes the uhunga [ceremony performed over the bones of dead to remove tapu [religious restriction]] for Īhaka Marino, and the maioha [song of affection for the dead], which were attended by Te Arawa peoples. Contains short history concerning his mother.
From Hoani Māka, Ikaroa-a-Māui
Concerns a judgement for land at Papakai, which found in favour of Noa Te Rauhihi.
From Tīmata Tītoko
Discusses his ancestral land and uses biblical lessons to substantiate his claim that his confiscated lands should be replaced. States that the lands should be returned and the kūpapa [Maori who fought alongside the Crown] should die.
From Hōtene Te Ariki and Keepa Hoepō, Kongamotu, part of Kihitū, Wairoa
Obituary for an eight-year old child, Whareteretāpapa, Ngāti Puka.
Contains whakapapa [genealogy].
Notice to all Europeans and Maori
Trespass notice concerning land at Matahiwi.
[English translation included.]
p.284 Notice to those Europeans who trespass on Rotopounamu Block No.2
From Pāora Torotoro, Pititi Penekara and Hare Ngāwhakakapinga, Kohupātiki
[English translation included.]
From Tāreha Te Moananui, Waiohiki, warns about trespassing on his lands. Lists the boundaries of the lands concerned.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Hēmi Roai, manufacturer of greenstone jewellery.
Notice from Paramena Ngāwiki, concerning his missing horse. Describes the horse and provides its pedigree.
Notice from H.Monotihi, advertising a forthcoming animal auction.
Caution notice
From Karaitiana Takamoana and other signatories, concerning the shooting of birds in the areas of Pākōwhai, and warning that they have not given permission for this to occur this year.
Notice from Maki Tonore and Parahi, advertising that they act as agents for the leasing and selling of Maori land.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]