Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 39

p.477 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
Advertisement from Pairini and Co., advising that they sell iron goods.
p.478 Notice from Raraka and Parahi, advising the guns and related accessories they have for sale.
My notice to all Maori
From Mr Rees informing Maori of his office hours.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
Notice to all Maori
Subscription notice from Te Wananga, with price for one year's subscription.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Doctor Tera, advising that he will be setting up in practice at Waiapu.
Announces the marriage of Aniheta Kimihanga, son of Hoani Ruka, to Ruti, daughter of Tiopira and Anatia.
pp.478-480 [Editorial]
Report from the Hawke's Bay Herald concerning the Maori franchise, and criticising the double vote for some Maori. Contains their reasons against the double vote system. Questions Maori integrity in their vote-casting for Europeans.
[English translation included.]
p.480 The news
The murder at Moumahaki, Taranaki
Reports the death of Hōne Mākarini [John McLean], a land surveyor. States that his body was found in the river with a gunshot wound to the head. Reports that a Maori, Heroki, is being sought in connection with the murder.
Rewi's telegram concerning the murder at Moumahaki, Taranaki
States that he has learnt of the murder and is much saddened by the news.
Cure for drunkenness
Report from the New York Sun describing a cure for drunkenness. Explains that the inebriate needs to take spoonfulls of tincture cinchona (Peruvian bark) and prescribes the dosage.
[English translation included.]
pp.481-482 Monument to Iharaira Houkāmau
Report from the New Zealander concerning the placement of a monument at Hicks Bay.
Steamer Hannah Mōkau
Reports the building of a steamer by Holmes Bros, to help foster trade with Maori in the Mōkau River district.
[English translation included.]
pp.480-481 The history of a century
Report form the Detroit Free Press outlining events that hold special interest from 1740 to 1877.
[English translation included.]
Rules for newspaper correspondents
List containing 14 rules for submitting items to the newspaper.
[English translation included.]
pp.482-483 Parliamentary
The Electoral Bill
Report of the parliamentary debate concerning the electoral bill. Speakers include Mr Sutton, Mr Stout, Mr Bryce, Mr Gisborne, Mr Fox, Mr Sheehan, Mr Whitaker, Mr Brandon, Mr McLean and Sir Robert Douglas.
[English translation included.]
pp.483-484 [Letter to the Editor]
From Īhāia Hūtana, Waipatu
Uses metaphoric language to describe the demise of the newspaper, Te Waka Maori.
[English translation included.]
pp.484-485 From Tuhaora Te Akaura, Ngarutahi, Waikato
Contains a story about a sighting of the wrecked canoe, Te Waka Maori, in the Waikato. Refers to the demise and brief resurrection of the newspaper, Te Waka Maori.
[English translation included.]
p.485 [Letter to the Editor]
From Peni Tipuna, Pakipaki
Obituary for Pare Waikato, Pakipaki. Contains waiata tangi [funeral laments], and whakapapa [genealogy].
p.486 [Letters to the Editor]
From Monita Eruera, Pākōwhai
Concerning an obituary published in Te Wananga for Te Hirata Hikanui. States that it is good to know the date and hour of death.
Concludes that abstinence from alcohol could mean a longer life.
From Urupeni Hawaikirangi, Pakipaki
States that he questions the authority of the ōhāki [will, last instructions] of Te Hāpuku [Vol.5, No.2:282], because the lands belong to many people. States that he agrees with not allowing the lake to be drained, and requests Te Wananga to stop publishing the notice.
Notice from Whititerā Te Waiatua
To the Editor of Te Wananga
Contains lists of names and corresponding land blocks in the Te Arawa region.
p.487 Notice from Te Hāpuku instructing that Lake Poukawa not be drained after he has died.
From Te Harawira Te Tātere and other signatories, Te Hauke
Repeat of Vol.5, No.22:282.
Notice from Papu (Robert Finlayson), warning debtors to repay or be dunned.
Employment notice from Pāora Rōpiha, requesting people willing to work his lands. States the remuneration offered.
[English translation included.]
p.488 Notice from the Editor to Teone Rehu, advising that his copy of Te Wananga will be sent to Hoani Rehu, Moeraki.
Letter from Hēnare Tōmoana, advising his reasons for not answering two letters sent to him.
[English translation included.]
The racehorse, Terenga
Stud notice advising the qualities and pedigree of the horse, Terenga, and that he is now available for stud purposes. States that the service fee is £5 per mare.
Notice to the people
From Manoe and Company, advertising alcohol, tea, sugar, flour and other commodities for sale.
Notice from Rēnata Kawepō, advising that he has put a gate on his land to prevent his horses from being impounded.
[English translation included.]
From Te Mira, warning Maori that it is illegal to play cards while travelling on the trains as per rule 31.
Notice advising the location of the Te Wananga office in Hastings Street, Napier.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]