Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 8

p.105 [Editorial]
Concerning the Native Department
Outlines the bungling and inadequacies of this department.
[English translation included.]
p.107 [Letter to the Editor]
[States that the author's name has been suppressed by the Editor.]
Suggests that a Maori seer foretold the downfall of the Government before the election. Uses a comparison of weeds and nettles growing upon various government seats in the debating chamber.
Contains the whakataukī [saying], `Kae laughed and he was killed', implying that the Editor would be wise not to laugh at his suggestion.
[Full English translation.]
p.109 Notice informing that a meeting is not now being held at Te Aute.
The Maori murderers
States that the perpetrators of the kōhuru mākutu [murder by incantations] are hiding in the Ureweras.
[English translation included.]
[News item]
Picnic given by Mr. H.R.Russell
Describes the events of the day held at Mount Herbert, Russell's home in Waipukurau.
[English translation included.]
pp.109-114 Statement made by Hon.H.R.Russell in Legislative Council in reference to land transactions in Hawke's Bay
Concerns Russell's defence against accusations of fraudulent land transactions in Hawke's Bay. Explains the reasons for his second purchase, details purchase prices and from whom he bought the land.
[English translation included.]
p.114 Notice from the committee of Kuru Tepara [Good Templars].
[English translation included.]
Notice from Erima Tuki wanting to lease Maori land for grazing sheep and cattle.
Notice from Houra requesting that the Maori named Rota who purchased a saddle from him, return the horse bridle that was also taken.
Notice from Te Paui stating that he will cease trading in January, all goods at sale prices.
p.115 Notice from Tāmati Tauni. Established a blacksmith shop in Hastings, which also carries out farm machinery repairs.
One pound reward
Offers a reward for a missing horse.
[English translation included.]
From H.Tiri. Tea and sugar merchants.
From Rati and Rauniri. Sell beds and similar goods.
Notice from Eurini Ropini, describing a fund raising venture for the Good Templars.
From G.Pākina. Coachbuilder, blacksmith and iron-goods worker.
From Te Houra. Sells plows, saddles, leatherwear and other items for use with horses and carts.
From Governor Brown Hotel. Describes accommodation, meals and hospitality, includes price list.
p.116 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kahikuru. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts.
From M.R.Mira. Stock agent.
From Hōne [John] Peri. General merchant, offers low prices.
From Takena and Co. Clothing and accessory shop.
From H.Wiremu. Sells saddles and iron goods.
From H.J.Hiki. Boot and shoe manufacturer based in Hawheraka [Havelock].
For sale
From M.Paerani. Selling four wheat-cutting machines.
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.