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UC Berkeley's Center for EUV Astrophysics needs a Science Software Manager and two scientific programmers to work with data from the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Project. The former requires Sun X-windows experience and pays "$50.2K to $75.3K midpoint." Respond to Box #07-104-11 (Q) by 2/7. [High Technology Careers, 2/92.]

Arete' Associates (Sherman Oaks, CA) is advertising for physical scientists for oceanic and atmospheric data modeling and analysis. [Spectrum, 1/92.]

An Anaheim, CA, company needs an experienced, Japanese-fluent EE Ph.D. as Director of R&D for Japanese voice recognition and keyboarding. $5K/month. Job #PM 10524, P.O. Box 9560, Sacramento, CA 95823-0560, by 1/31. [Spectrum, 1/92.]

M.S. software engineer needed to develop engineering data interpretation software for IBM systems. $45K. Ref. 3792; 7310 Woodward Ave., Room 415, Detroit, MI 48202. [CW, 2/3.]

PHD/CS associate scientist needed for advanced R&D leadership in knowledge-based software development. $1154/week. #V-IL-4838-D; J. Schaffer, Illinois Dept. of Emp. Security, 401 S. State Street, 3 South, Chicago, IL 60605. [CW, 2/3.]

UAdelaide needs a researcher to work on insect visual modeling and/or neural processing for radar signals. R.E. Bogner ( [connectionists, 1/30.]

The Center for Cognitive Science at NYU has a tenure-track opening in CogSci, esp. NN, PatRec, motor control, learning and memory, reasoning, language, judgment, and decision making. Cognitive Science Search Committee, 6 Washington Place, 8th floor, NYU, New York, NY 10003. [Dave Touretzky (dave_touretzky, connectionists, 2/3.]

The AI Center at NASA Ames Research Center (Moffett Field, CA) needs an MS (or better) EE/CS research assistant in neural networks and fuzzy logic for intelligent control. Job T008, Vera Novosel, Sterling Federal Systems, 1121 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303. [Hamid Berenji (, m.j.o, 1/29.]

Intel wants experienced computational scientists in Portland, OR, and Sunnyvale, CA. Jennifer Shelley (jennifer_shelley [Nancy Martin (, m.j.o, 1/29.]

Recruiter Stuart D. Abramson ( needs supercomputer application analysts for scientific applications in Mississippi (to $50K) and North Carolina ($70K), and for visualization of weather models in North Carolina ($75K) and aerospace data in the SF Bay Area ($40K to $50K). [m.j.o, 1/31.]

GO Corporation (Foster City, CA) is seeking an experienced BS/MS senior software engineer in handwriting recognition and pattern recognition. Brian Hurley ( [m.j.o, 1/30.]

Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, WA) needs a software design engineer to work on natural language support for Windows NT. Lynn Davis ( [m.j.o, 1/31.]

The Australian National University, Dept. of CS, has two tenurable openings in IS, AI, DB, and SE. Contact R.B. Stanton ( by 2/14. [David Hawking (, m.j.o, 2/2.]

A NY City finance house is looking for a very experienced Smalltalk contractor and several less-experienced candidates. Wehn Associates Inc., (212) 675-3224, Fax (212) 633-6125. [Paul Bennett (, m.j.o, 2/3.]

UNorthern Iowa (Cedar Falls, IA) has two tenure-track CS openings, esp. AI and software engineering. Philip East ( [, m.j.o, 2/4.]

A Midwest company needs a technical consultant in AI, object- oriented systems, DSS, and planning or financial systems. Rob Scott, CIS, P.O. Box 456, Brookline, MA 02146; Fax (617) 232-6240. [Marty Lebowitz (, m.j.o, 2/4.]

UMinnesota needs a Ph.D.-level senior researcher in real-time distributed databases. Michael Pietrs ( [m.j.o, 2/5.]

The NASA Ames AI Lab has a summer student opening (undergraduate or graduate) on the COLLAGE Multi-Agent Planning Project. Amy Lansky ( [, 1/31.]