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Mark Russell on PBS just took a shot at the Information Superhighway. He said that if the information is just the opinions of a million guys hunched over their screens without any semblance of a life, then "we're just playing with ourselves." And if you'd like to join his war against technology, send him a fax. [5/11/94.]

Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark has released details of his new software company, Mosaic Communications (Mountain View). He has hired Marc Andreeson, Eric Bina, and four other young developers of NCSA Mosaic, plus a few engineers from Silicon Graphics. Andreeson, 22, is VP for technology and is eager to build the next generation of multimedia interfaces. The company is still formulating its business plan. "I'm investing in him," says Clark. Mosaic development at NCSA will also continue, under Jae Allen. [David Bank, SJM, 5/6/94, p. 1F.]

Large-scale multimedia projects require the close collaboration of many creative people. It's a good environment for women's businesses. Jan Davidson started Davidson & Associates (Torrance, CA) in 1982 to produce children's software. Now she employs 350 and has revenues of $59M. Female software artists and designers also predominate at Mary Cron's Rymel Design Group (Palos Verdes, CA). [Barbara Kantrowitz, Newsweek, 5/16/94, p. 52.]

A venture fund for multimedia and interactive television is being created by Bell Atlantic; Interpublic Group; InterActive Partners; Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield; and Byers and Technology Partners. [Investor's Business Daily, 5/5/94, p. B14. EDUPAGE. Chuck Morefield.]

Proposed legislation would amend copyright to include artists' "performance rights" (and payments) for downloading of commercial sound recordings. [WSJ, 4/22/94. EDUPAGE.]

"The Virtual Reality Construction Kit," by Joseph Gradecki, tells how to build 3D goggles, motion trackers, etc. $27.95 for the book/disk set from John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY). [EDUCOM Update, 4/11/94. net-hap.]

ResearchStation is software to facilitate scientific research. It supports text, numbers, images, video, sound data input, molecular modeling, stats, plots, word processing, and graphics applications, for individuals or distributed teams. Helix Systems (Palo Alto) is conducting market research, and will offer a demonstration version soon. Contact for the product description and marketing survey. [Churchill-Madison Group, sci.research, 3/26/94. David Joslin.]

Broderbund and Electronic Arts have canceled their plans to merge as an entertainment/educational software giant. [Investor's Business Daily, 5/4/94, p. A7. EDUPAGE.]

Illusion, Inc. is a new VR company formed from Illusion Engineering, Inc. and New Entertainment Guild. Illusion Engineering developed SIMNET for the US military, and Illusion inherits four defense contracts. Entertainment, educational, and commercial markets will also be sought, including hotel and tourist attractions. For info, contact chairman Peter Beale, (310) 838-4646, or president Bob Jacobs, (805) 371-4530. [Jerry Isdale (, 4/29/94. sci.virtual-worlds, 5/2/94. Bill Park.]