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You can now read Usenet newsgroups via gopher, with message sorted chronologically or by thread. 42 hierarchies are available, including alt, bionet, biz, comp, eunet, fj (from Japan), gnu, ieee, market, news, rec, and many local geographic domains. Access gopher:// This is an experimental service from Dennis Boone ( [Bruce Speyer (, gopherjewels, 4/29/94. Elliott Parker, CARR-L.]

UMinnesota's Internet Gopher program now does FTP. Menus can be set up so that FTP archives look just like other gopher files. Try "gopher:// Searches/Popular FTP Sites via Gopher" for a menu of popular archives and resource files. [, gopherjewels, 4/6/94. net-hap.]

The comp.infosystems.www FAQ contains instructions for starting your own WWW service. FTP /pub/usenet/news.answers /www/faq on [Thomas Boutell (, c.i.w, 4/13/94. net-hap.]

Internet Distribution Services provides electronic marketing, publishing, and distribution services on the Internet. [Julie Petersen (, online-news, 4/4/94.]

Nomad is a new WWW resource locator -- in the spirit of Archie and Veronica, I presume. Try it on Comments to James Aviani ( [comp.infosystem, 4/19/94. net-hap.]

Mail archive servers interpret email messages and take appropriate actions. Piero Serini is maintaining a FAQ about such software: NETLIB, MajorDomo, etc. Most of the applications are for Unix systems. FTP MAS.Z from /pub/Faqs on or contact [, comp.mail.misc, 4/16/94.]

The Knowbot Information Service will search the net for addresses, much like NetFind (telnet, login netfind). KnowBot is described in section4-5.txt from resource-guide/chapter.4 on To access the service, telnet to 185. [Edward (, comp.infosystems, 4/21/94. Chuck Morefield.]