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AI-Nat covers AI in agriculture, natural resource management, mining, water resources, defense of the natural world, and real-world planning. Send a "subscribe ai-nat your name" message to [Bob Mackay (, ai-nat FAQ, 9/14/94. Roy Turner.]

XTAR is a new list for teachers as researchers, or "anyone involved in classroom inquiry." Send a "subscribe xtar your name" message to [Bill Blanton (, AERA, 10/6/94. net-hap.]

Women's Leadership Connection is a daily online news/discussion service for professional women, homemakers, and mothers (and men). [St. Petersburg Times, 10/4/94, E1. EDUPAGE.] (Anyone have an address for this?)

MacSciTech Scientific and Technical Users Association (Worcester, MA), founded 1991, supports professional scientific and engineering computing: chemists, physicists, biologists, design and test engineers, aerospace, social scientists, educators, etc. SciTech Journal includes technology briefs, product announcements and reviews, and how-to articles, and will become a monthly starting 1/95. SEAM technical conferences are supported, as well as local meetings world-wide. Apple solution guides and third-party product directories are provided free; also Mac software archives, online meetings (incl. Unix and Windows SIGs), Q&A forums, hardware and software discounts, a membership directory, and free online advice from 28 volunteer experts. Several CD ROMs have been produced, and MacSciTech sells CD-ROM mastering, back issues, books, and other services. New members get Brand Fortner's "The Data Handbook," a $39.95 guide to visualization and use of technical data, including standard data formats such as DLIS, DXF, GRIB, PHIGS, SEG-Y, Plot3D, ACR-NEMA, netCDF, PICT, and IGES. $50/year, or $75 outside the US and Canada; $30/$55 for students. Contact Shari Worthington ( or, (508) 755-5242, (508) 795-1636 Fax. [Mark Worthington (, comp.sys.mac.scitech, 10/5/94.] (Sounds like a great way to network with people who have access to real data analysis problems.)