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The US Army Research Laboratory, Computer Vision Research Branch, needs NN PhDs for studies in target, handwriting, and face recognition. Contracts are also being established with university neural-net scientists. Ms. Teresa Kipp (, AMSRL SS SK (T. KIPP), 10221 Burbeck Road, Suite 430, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060-5806; (703)-704-3656. [connectionists, 5/6/94.]

A Silicon Valley company need a senior C/C++ software engineer to design and develop a multimedia authoring system for interactive TV. Reports to the Manager of Visualization Tools Engineering. $100K-$120K plus bonus, stock, and relocation. Two other software engineers are needed, $50K-$85K. Mark DeWitt (, The TransPacific Group (Palo Alto), (415) 327- 8801, (415) 327-8802 Fax. [Bill Park (, 5/2/94.]

A DC-area company needs a clearable MS/MA or PhD computational linguist familiar with any Southeast Asian language. Job complng-dc, Manny Rao, Recruiting Services Inc. (, 513/721-3030, 513/721-2010 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/6/94.] John McEachen ( is advertising a similar position. [m.j.o, 5/6/94.] (Sounds like the job BAH advertised last week. It's best to go through the headhunter if s/he has an exclusive contract -- for advice and to avoid "not found here" sabotage. Bypass recruiters who echo someone else's ad on spec, since you're a bargain if you contact the employer directly.)

Xerox Desktop Document Systems (Palo Alto) needs an experienced, senior-level image processing software engineer for C-language image analysis algorithms. Rebecca Davis (, 415/813-7172, 415/813-7215 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/4/94.] A similar (or same?) position is advertised by Debbie Gonzalez (, Bridgeport Technical Services (Cupertino, CA); 408-727-2730, 408-727-2709 Fax. Unix/C, for porting to Mac/Windows. OCR, image processing, pattern recognition, neural networks, and graphics helpful. [ba.j.o, 5/4/94.]

ManTech Services Corp. (Fairmont, WV) is seeking a Lisp programmer experienced in knowledge-based expert systems and AI. Nick Flynn, (304) 363-7213 Fax. [Nagender Vedula (, m.j.o, 5/4/94.]

HNC, Inc. needs a BS/MS software engineer for Unix/C NN algorithm development in financial pattern recognition. Position 412. Human Resources, 619-546-8877, 619-452-6524 Fax. Follow up with a hardcopy resume to 5930 Cornerstone Court West, San Diego, CA, 92121-3728. [Anu Pathria (, m.j.o, 5/8/94.]

Curagen Corp. (Branford, CT) needs a PhD computational scientist to help analyze DNA fragmentation patterns. Non-linear statistics, neural architectures, and biocomputing experience desirable. Up to 50% discretionary research may be possible. Greg Went (, (203) 481 1104, (203) 481 1106 Fax. [, connectionists, 5/3/94.]

SFA, Inc. (DC area) needs an experienced developer /manager/marketer for AI/FL/NN/GA systems to be created for DoD and perhaps other customers. Gary Fleming or Karen Dockery, (301) 596-7310, (301) 596-7255 Fax. [Thomas P. Vogl (,, 5/5/94. David Joslin.]

Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA) may have a research opening in machine learning for environmental toxicology. Geoffrey Matthews ( [, 5/5/94. David Joslin.]

The Australian AI Institute (AAII) is seeking software developers for Unix/C/C++ distributed real-time agent-oriented systems. Recent graduates may be considered. Salary to A$60K. Personnel Department (, Level 6, 171 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 3000, Australia. [Rick Evertsz (, m.j.o, 5/5/94.]

ETH Zurich is offering a PhD assistantship in Unix/C/X information retrieval. May speak German, English, or French. $36K. Prof. Peter Schauble (, +41 1 632-7222, +41 1 262-3973 Fax. [IRLIST, 5/2/94.]

Catholic University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands), Knowledge Modelling Group, needs a medical-informatics RA in differential diagnosis. Up to four years. EU citizenship or working permit. Professor Pieter de Vries Robbe (, +31-80-619158, +31-80-613540 Fax. [, ai-medicine, 5/3/94. Chris Matheus.]

USalford's National Advanced Robotics Research Centre is offering a PhD research scholarship in visual data fusion and object modeling. EU citizens or graduates. Apply by 5/20/94 to Ruth Aylett (, (44)-61-745-5716. [, 5/6/94. David Joslin.]

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has an immediate opening for an NLP software engineer to integrate modules for its VERBMOBIL speech-to-speech translation project. LISP, Prolog, C++. Thomas Bub (, Systems group (Kaiserslautern). [Matthias Wittmann (, HUMANIST, 5/5/94.]