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Graduate Student List (GSL) is a new "supportive environment" for graduate students and educational policy. Contact Scott Kerlin ( or Carl Reimann ( [AERA, 4/23/94. net-hap.]

STUMPERS-L is a high-traffic list for difficult library reference questions. Send a "subscribe stumpers-l " message to [Sperry Olsen (, CARR-L, 4/20/94.]

New Usenet newsgroups this month include misc.creativity, sci.psychology.research, and (e.g., non-English fonts). [4/30/94.]

A list of e-lists for language learning is available from David Bedell ( A list of Spanish-language lists is also available: send an "index" message to, or contact Yuri Herrera Burstein ( [Carolyn Kotlas (, INFOBITS, 4/29/94.]

North Texas Assoc. for AI (NTAAI) hosts meetings at UTexas Arlington and tries to help members in other ways. Contact Dr. Lynn Peterson (, (817) 372-3609. [Steve Rainwater (,, 5/3/94. David Joslin.]

A Fuzzy Systems research group was founded 10/93 within the AI division of the German Society of Computer Science (GI). For information, contact Dr. Rainer Palm (palm [Detlef Nauck (,, 4/27/94. David Joslin.]

IEEE MultiMedia combines print, online discussion, and [soon] multimedia CD ROMs. Readers, identified only by a personal number, are invited to publicly discuss the peer-reviewed articles. Telnet to and log in as IEEE with password FORUM. [Lloyd Davidson (, PACS-L, 4/28/94.] (Interesting experiment. I suspect that people read few of the journals they subscribe to. Will public discussion motivate them to keep up? Even anonymous discussion?)