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The InterNIC Directory of Directories has begun publishing a list of new publications and services each month. 46 were added in 4/94. [, CARR=L, 4/28/94.]

Over 50 Internet books were published in 1993. The Unofficial Internet Book List is a new Internet bibliography from Kevin Savetz ( Regular postings will be on, but ask him nicely and he'll put you on his distribution list. Each release will feature one new book. The first month was "The Internet Unleashed" by Martin Moore, Rick Gates, et al. 1,380 pages (62 chapters), $44.95. Sams Publishing, 0-672-30466-X.. [3/24/94. net-hap.]

Hope Tilman has prepared an annotated bibliography of net guides, training workshops, etc. Gopher to, Internet menu. [Prescott Smith (, net-hap, 3/20/94. David Joslin.]

The 4/94 issue of Online Access magazine is a special issue on Internet access and resources. At $4.95, it's one of the cheapest guidebooks to dozens of access providers, a hundred mailing lists, and 2,500 Usenet newsgroups. Check your newsstand. [Richard Lee Holbert (, EDTECH, 4/1/94. net-hap.]

A 27-lesson gopher course by Jim Gerland and Rich Smith is available as gopher:// It can be retrieved in three blocks of nine lessons. The course can also be FTP'd from /gophern at, or retrieved with "index gophern" and "get gophern 93-xxxxx" commands to From Europe, try gopher:// /gopherinfo/recently/Listen/gophern. [Jim Lawson (, KIDSPHERE, 4/6/94. net-hap.]

Adam Gaffin's "Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet" has been very popular. As new information comes in, Gaffin and the EFF have been issuing Big Dummy Updates. Number 2 is just out, as bdupdate.002 in pub/Net_info/Big_Dummy/Updates on or as You can also send an "add big-dummy-update" message to, or check (Net Info/ Big Dummy/ Updates). [,, 4/5/94. net-hap.]

MaasInfo.TopIndex (4/7/94) is a guide to Internet/Bitnet /Usenet guides, indexes, resource lists, and bibliographies that are available by FTP or email server. MaasInfo.DocIndex is a guide to network tutorials, and MaasInfo.FailNet suggests ways of tracking down bounced email addresses. FTP these and other helpful files from Documents/Internet/MaasInfo on, or from pub/maas_info on [Robert E. Maas (, PACS-L, 4/7/94.]