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Anita Jones, director of defense research and engineering, says that information technologies in everything from high- intensity operations to low-end peacekeeping are DOD's highest priority. Next come modeling and simulation (for training, hardware design, system test and evaluation, and force planning), then sensor technologies. DOD has released a Defense Technology Plan for 19 technologies. Jones' office is finishing assessments and will recommend budget modifications. [Aerospace Daily, 10/6/94. Al Underbrink.]

ARPA is launching a new Computer-Aided Education and Training Initiative (CAETI) for K-12 and eventually DoD training. Federal DoD Dependent Schools (DODDS) will help develop and transfer the technology integrated software useful for learning. There was a 9/16/94 industry briefing, and a BAA is due soon. Rumor says that $37M is allocated for 3-4 years. [Ted Linden (, 10/3/94.] (Ted is looking for teaming partners. His company, Myriad Software, develops AI planning algorithms for user-adaptive coaches, tutors, and game characters. Initial funding came from ARPA and NSF, for simulation R&D in entertainment, education, and training markets.)

Oakland Consultancy (Cambridge, UK) has compiled research collaboration interests of many UK companies. Academics in Europe may request the hardcopy list for free., +44 (0)223 300480 Fax. [, sci.materials, 10/10/94. Bill Park.] (This may be for chemistry and materials sciences, but companies interested in collaboration are likely to have computing needs.)

Apple is sponsoring a Newton Student Developer Contest, with 1st prize a Power Mac. (2nd is $300; 3rd is $100.) Usefulness for college students will be a major criterion. Enter by 3/1/95. Details from Newton SDC, P.O. Box 7010, Eden Valley, MN 55329-7010; 1-800-294-1733. [pitt.general, 9/27/94. David Joslin.]