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AAAI Press is seeking proposals for edited collections of papers from AAAI activities. Guidelines are given in AI Magazine, Winter '91.

AAAI is collecting short (5- to 15-minute) video segments to be shown at AAAI-92. If you'd like to publicize your work, contact Richard Skalsky( by 3/1/92. [AI Magazine, Winter '91.]

Int. J. on AI has begun publication and seeks articles. Nikolaos G. Bourbakis ( [Computer, 1/92.]

AI Expert needs articles. Alan Zeichick, 600 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94107. [AI Expert, 12/91.]

Decision Sciences, likewise. James Hershauer, Dept. of Decision and Information Systems, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287, by 2/1. [IEEE Expert, 12/91.]

IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering. C.V. Ramamoorthy, (415) 642-4751. [ibid.]

2-D shape analysis; Annals of Mathematics and AI. Janos Csirik (h873csi@ella.uucp), by 1/31. [Computer, 1/92.]

Learning in computer vision; IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Bir Bhanu ( by 8/3/92. [PAMI, 12/91.]

Expert-system software for power networks; Electrosoft. F.D. Galiana, McGill, by 2/1. [Computer, 1/92.]

Intelligent simulation of high-autonomy systems; Int. J. of Computer Simulation. Albert Y. Zomaya (zomaya by 2/1. [Ibid.]

Distributed and parallel computing systems; J. of Computer and Software Engineering. Yelena Yesha ( by 3/15. [Ibid.]

J. of Intelligent Information Systems: Integrating AI and Database Technology. Karen Cullen ( [IEEE Expert, 12/91.]

Due to page limitations, the SIGART Bulletin will no longer publish the dissertation abstracts compiled by Susanne Humphrey and Bob Krovetz. (I assume the lists will still be available from the authors.) The Bulletin will print submitted abstracts as space permits, and is now accepting advertising. [W. Lewis Johnson, SIGART Bulletin, 1/92.]