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David Gelernter of Yale is urging support for the Clipper proposal. He was nearly killed by a letter bomb, and feels strongly that anti-terrorist wiretap capability must be preserved. [NYT, 5/8/94, p. 4:17. EDUPAGE.]

A Connie Chung program on TV this week identified a man who had allegedly harassed and threatened, or "stalked," people on Prodigy. The language quoted was frightening. Prodigy repeatedly kicked him off, but he would sign up again using a new name and free trial kit. He was arrested once, but the DA declined to prosecute. Prodigy did not cooperate, and the arrest was only possible because a neighbor had seen this man typing one of the messages. [5/12/94.] (I don't know if laws meriting a wiretap were involved, but it might have helped to convict or clear him. Public accusation without trial doesn't seem any better.)

Novell is suing two companies that allegedly reused serial numbers from original software to obtain upgrades, then sold the upgrades at a large profit. [WSJ, 4/29/94. EDUPAGE.]

Watch out for a PC program named CD-IT.ZIP. This trojan claims to make CD ROMs writeable (!), but instead damages local and networked hard drives. [, NASIRC BULLETIN #94-17, 5/5/94. Arlene Rinaldi (, NETTRAIN, 5/10/94.]