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NSF Network News is a bimonthly hypertext about Internet issues, resources, tools, and uses, plus InterNIC activities. It's in the InfoGuide from InterNIC Information Services,, a gopher/WWW server that replaces InfoSource. Another InfoGuide service is a weekly Scout Report of Internet news and resources. Use WWW, or send a "subscribe scout-report " to Or gopher to (Information Services). Send notices to [Info Scout, 5/3/94.]

Gleason Sackman's high-volume InterNIC Net Happenings list is changing slightly. Each message has a subject keyword that can be used for filtering. Sign up with a "sub net-happenings" message to [, net-hap, 4/21/94.] (This news wire list has over 4,000 direct subscribers.)

HOTT (Hot Off The Tree) from High On Technology Media Ventures -- a husband-and-wife venture -- has published the first third of its inaugural issue. (This is the "4/25/94" issue, with the first 77KB (30 pp.) delivered on 5/3/94.) Over 35K people have subscribed directly. The editor is scanning hundreds of sources, including news wires that scan thousands. (His own subscription cost are $20K/year, and may soon go to $50K.) Coverage will include PDAs, interactive multimedia, wireless communications, speech recognition, HDTV and agent-oriented software, neural nets, fuzzy computing, genetic algorithms, nanotechnology, VR, telepresence, and other telecomputing topics. Support is through sponsorship and advertorials (up to 12.5% of content). Send a "subscribe hott-list" message to The level is suitable for investors and technologists willing to follow up on key leads. Cited articles can often be obtained from Ask*IEEE (, the British Library Document Supply Centre (Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ), or University Microfilms (+1 313-665-7075 Fax). [David Scott Lewis ( or] (Dropping out is easier on the net than with a hardcopy subscription, and reading lengthy files is more difficult. Keeping this readership will be a challenge.)

David Lewis is also editor of IEEE Engineering Management Review, a 100-page quarterly reprint journal for high-tech managers and executives. Contact Bill Burke (, +1 800-742-0432 or +1 518-382-5512, +1 518-382-5531 Fax. For IEEE Computer Society membership contact, +1 714-821-8380. [, HOTT, 5/3/94.]

ModemNews Magazine offers free reprints from other free e-magazines, to show people what's available on the nets. Commercial publications can be advertised for a fee. Contact Jeff Green (, (203) 969-1183, (203) 359-2299 BBS. [online-news, 5/9/94.]

Athelstan Newsletter on Technology and Language Learning includes software reviews. $10-$20/year from Athelstan Publications, 2476 Bolsover, Suite 464, Houston, TX 77005; 713-523-2837, 713-523-6543 Fax. Free to US language teachers and researchers. [Carolyn Kotlas (, INFOBITS, 4/29/94.]

International Teletimes is a general-interest e-magazine, free from Ian Wojtowicz ( Specify your email address, computer type, and country of residence. IT's WWW server is [online-news, 4/28/94.]

The On Line Job Stress Newsletter covers job stress, health tips, time management, and other stress-related issues. A free sample copy may be requested from, (415) 868-1158. [James Davis (, CPU, 4/12/94.]

News junkies and talk show fans should ask John Higgins for his NET-LETTER GUIDE to free, newsy Internet periodicals such as EDUPAGE and HPCwire. Write to, or check Larger lists of e-pubs include John Labovitz's e-zine-list ( and the giant archive on [CARR-L, 4/27/94.]