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Edward A. Feigenbaum is taking a 2-year leave of absence from Stanford/CS to serve as chief scientist of the US Air Force -- the first information scientist to hold this post. "The view of applied science and technology that one gets in this position is positively breathtaking." [HPCwire, 10/9/94.]

Philip R. Cohen has moved from SRI to Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (Portland), where he will continue to study human and software agents., 503-690-1326, 503-690-1548 Fax. He expects additional positions this year for postdocs, MS and PhD students, and research and programming staff. [DAI-List, 9/25/94.] Sharon Oviatt has joined Phil, to start a new multidisciplinary center on HCI, NLP interfaces, multimodal systems, and intelligent agents.; 503-690-1342. [sigmedia, 9/28/94. David Joslin.]

UBrussels has an experimental adaptive hypertext network. They would like people to log in and provide word associations while browsing. [Francis Heylighen and Johan Bollen (, www-announce, 9/10/94. Roy Turner.]

Dan Thies is soliciting interest in a Usenet newsgroup about AI in computer games. Contact [, 10/2/94. David Joslin.]