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The UMBC AgentNews newsletter for 16May98 has been posted to . [Timothy Finin , 16May98.]

The Mobility List is a new email discussion list about mobile agents, remote programming, active packets, mobile code, etc. Send a "subscribe mobility" message to , plus a two- or three-sentence biography about your interest in mobile agents to . Biographies, archives, and a FAQ are at . [Nelson Minar , DAI-List, 22May98.]

Loa Technologies, Inc. is a new company developing agent and AI software. See for their discussion forum, or to volunteer as a moderator. , . [Andrew C. Risehnoover ,, 21May98. David Joslin.] (Volunteering might be the first step to an interesting job.)

The Genetic Programming Notebook -- including AI and robotics -- has been updated. . [Jaime Fernandez Jr. ,, 23May98. David Joslin.]