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Bob Duin maintains a pattern recognition page on [, 12/22/94.]

The Society for AI and Statistics now has a prototype WWW page at . [ai-stats, 1/23/95. Chris Matheus.]

A WWW homepage on complex dynamical systems research is at Bio/physics orientation, rather than ANNs. [Martin Dudziak (, connectionists, 10/10/94.

A 5,400-entry nonlinear dynamics bibliography can be found at or . [Peter E. Beckmann , comp.theory.dynamic-sys, 1/19/95. Bill Park.]

The constraints WWW page covers operations research and constraint satisfaction. Job ads are solicited, and will also be FTPable from . . [Michael Jampel , comp.constraints, 1/13/95. Tony Kusalik.]

David Aha is offering an annotated bibliography of machine learning, from his AI & Statistics '95 tutorial. . [, ai-stats, 1/23/95. Chris Matheus.]

John Koza's bibliography of genetic programming can be FTP'd from genetic/biblio on See for details about formats. Corrections and additions are solicited. A FAQ file for genetic programming is in and . [, genetic-programming, 1/22/95. Bill Park.]

Conrad Sabourin has compiled a bibliography of computational parsing (5,180 references; $150) and another on computational text understanding (3,830; $80), gleaned from conference proceedings and 400 periodicals. Corrections and additions are solicited, for these and his other bibliographies related to machine translation; computational morphology, lexicology, and lexicograpy; text generation; NL interfaces; CL in IS; CMC; character processing; mathematical and formal linguistics; speech processing; literary computing; computer-assisted language teaching; document processing; statistical linguistics; and OCR. INFOLINGUA inc. , P.O. Box 187 Snowdon, Montreal, Qc, H3X 3T4, CANADA. [1/16/95.]

"Well, science is the theology of our times, and like the old theology it's a muddle of conflicting assertions. What gripes my gut is that is has such a miserable vocabulary and such a pallid pack of images to offer to us -- to the humble laity -- for our edification and our faith. The old priest in his black robe gave us things that seemed to have concrete existence; you prayed to the Mother of God and somebody had given you an image that looked just right for the Mother of God. The new priest in his whitish lab-coat gives you nothing at all except a constantly changing vocabulary which he -- because he usually doesn't know any Greek -- can't pronounce, and you are expected to trust him implicitly because he knows what you are too dumb to comprehend. It's the most overweening, pompous priesthood mankind has ever endured in all its recorded history, and its lack of symbol and metaphor and its zeal for abstraction drive mankind to a barren land of starved imagination." -- Simon Darcourt, in Robertson Davies' "What's Bred in the Bone." [Bob Kitzberger , 10/27/94. QOTD, 1/8/95.] (To subscribe to Quote of the Day, contact qotd-