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The 2nd edition of "Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications" is just $39.95 for 1050 pages. (The first edition sold 70K copies at $49.95.) Osborne/McGraw Hill, (510) 549-6600. [Boardwatch, 7/92.]

"Bulletin Board Systems for Business" is a great idea and has its good points, but the book is full of technical errors. $34.95 from John Wiley & Sons, (212) 850-6777. [Ibid.]

"The Information Broker's Handbook," by Sue Rugge and Alfred Glossbretter, is about the business aspects of freelance database searching, phone interviewing, and information brokerage. The business supports about 1,000 generalists and former librarians. (Others have gone into specific industries as consultants.) The book has little about specific information resources, perhaps because the generalists use mainly Dialog and BRS. 379 pages, $29.95. Windcrest/McGraw-Hill (TAB Books), Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294. [Ibid.]

Jack Rickard says that if you don't own Bernard Aboba's "BMUG Guide to Bulletin Boards and Beyond," you have $23 more than you know what to do with. Expertly done, technically flawless, thoroughly original. Designed primarily for Mac owners, but useful for PCs and Unix. 560 pages. Quantum Books (, (617) 494-5042, (617) 577-7282 Fax. [Ibid.]

"Cyberspace: First Steps" is a good read, according to Ed Vielmetti ( It includes stories and essays by Gibson, Morningstar, Farmer, Benedikt, and Wexelblat, on topics such as cyberspace architecture and semantic spaces. 430 pages, ISBN 0-262-52177-6, MIT Press, 1991. Filed by the Library of Congress under "Space and Time." [comp.infosystems.gopher, 8/12.]