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The J. of Intelligent Information Systems is now available. Editors in Chief are Larry Kerschberg, Zbigniew Ras, and Maria Zemankova. Quarterly, $75 individual, $163 institutional, from Kluwer Academic (, (617) 871-6600, (617) 871-6528 Fax. Sample issue available on request.

ACM will be publishing a new Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI). ACM TOIS will continue its interest in information retrieval. [Craig Stanfill (, IRLIST Digest, 8/17.]

Interpersonal Computing and Technology is an ASCII electronic journal about scholarly electronic publishing, electronic libraries, and use of information networks. It's due out in 1/93, to be issued quarterly or biannually with 64 page-equivalents per issue. A print edition is contemplated. A companion Interpersonal Computing and Technology Discussion List (IPCT-L) will be hosted by Georgetown University, free to charter subscribers for at least the first year. (Send a "sub ipct-l your name" message to Editors and referees (or "associate editors") are needed, as are submissions of 10-20 pages in APA format. Endorsements from organizations are also sought, especially those with lists of online subscribers. Gerald M. Phillips ( or gmp@psuvm.bitnet). [Don Kraft (, ibid.]

There is an NSF-ACM "Project Envision" to create an electronic library of computer-related publications. Submissions will be possible in either electronic or paper form. [Craig Stanfill (, ibid.]

The new European IR Specialist Group (EIRSG) will serve as an umbrella group for various European national information retrieval groups, with emphasis on raising money for IR conferences. [Keith van Rijsbergen (UGlasgow), SIGIR '92. Ibid.]

Springer-Verlag is starting "Telos, The Electronic Library of Science," a new paper-and-electronic publishing venture in California. Allen M. Wylde ( is the publisher, with assistance from Linda Lane Magallon. All possibilities are still open, starting with electronic editing of traditional CS texts (with accompanying floppies, ROMs, or information services?) and planned expansion into electronic delivery technologies. Telos is soliciting names of prospective authors, editors, consultants, contractors, production resources, reviewers, and partners. 3600 Pruneridge Avenue, Suite 200, Santa Clara, CA 95051-5994; (408) 249-9314, (408) 249-2595 Fax.