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Upside magazine for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors has reached 50K circulation after just 2.5 years. The Foster City company is now hiring managers with extensive publishing experience. Co-founder/publisher Anthony Perkins retains only fund-raising duties and a seat on the board. Co-founder/editor Richard Karlgaard has left, saying that poor ad revenues forced repeated venture capitalization until his 30% share was cut to under 1%. He worked 70 hours per week for three years without a vacation, but has recovered enough to plan a new high-tech magazine (at two or three times his previous salary). He's looking to hire "the best writers in the land, to take risks and occasionally outrage people." [Rory J. O'Connor, SJM, 7/2.]

A [start-up?] publisher is looking for freelance reporters to sift the network for news items. Send samples of your short, hard-news writing to Internet Reporter, 199 Mass Ave., Suite 615, Boston, MA 02115. [m.j.o, 7/1. Bill Park.]

Andersen Consulting's Center for Strategic Technology Research (CSTaR) in Chicago needs an MS/PhD in CS to develop object-oriented, knowledge-based CASE tools incorporating visual or end-user programmer. Kanth Miriyala ( [m.j.o, 7/1.]

The University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), Institute of CS and AI, has a 4-year assistantship for a French-speaking PhD student. Study can be in graphics, parallel computation, or AI agents. Contact J.-P. Mueller ( by 7/31. [inmuller@cnedcu51.bitnet, m.j.o, 7/2.]

The Wichita State University (Kansas) needs a CS department chairperson. A primary responsibility will be the development of a Ph.D. program. Faculty interests include AI, ML, theorem proving, CS theory, databases, logic programming, software engineering, languages, simulation, and modeling. Contact Dr. Rajshekhar Sunderraman ( by 8/17. [m.j.o, 7/4.]

Princeton University needs an assistant professor in cognition, including computational modeling. Search Committee VU, Dept. of Psychology, Princeton University, Green Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544-1010, by 12/1. [Gilbert Harman (,, 7/2.]

IBM Almaden Research Center (San Jose, CA) has 1- or 2-year PT/FT openings for CS graduate students. Near-term work is challenging but not necessarily research-oriented. Felipe Cabrera ( [Arun Swami (arun,, 7/1.]

UMaryland Baltimore County (UMBC) has several openings for state-of-the-art network implementors and data processing managers. Contact Jack Suess (, (410) 455-2577, by 7/24. [Tim Finin (, 7/1.]

A large AI consulting group is looking for Phoenix and West Coast knowledge engineers experienced with rule-based systems and Unix/Motif development. Fabio Marino ( [m.j.o, 6/23.]

King's College London has a postdoc opening in optoelectronic implementations of neural networks. Dr. T.J. Hall, KCL Dept. of Physics, KCL, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS. [Gary (, connectionists, 7/3.]