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I mentioned Personal Law Firm in V1 N14, a program that prints 30 legal documents. Jonathan Rosenoer recommends LEGAL LetterWorks, in Mac or IBM formats, $79.95 from Round Lake Publishing. (Sorry; I don't have a phone number or city.) You get 165 legal forms and a 460-page manual, with chapters on wills and gifts; real estate; commerce; finance; starting a business; corporations; selling a business; general contracts; employees; and legal authorizations. The manual includes explanations and warnings not in the software, including the fact that Louisiana law may differ. [SMUG News, 11/91.]

Desktop Lawyer provides 304 legal forms and 43 legal checklists for just $139. (PC formats are WordPerfect 4.2 and ASCII; the Mac format is Word 4.0. Text size is 2.7Mb.) There's also an excellent manual telling how to use the forms, including discussions of the underlying legal principles. The package seems to include everything you might want for business and incorporation, real estate, investing, estate planning, and personal legal protection. Open University, P.O. Box 1511, Orlando, FL 32802; (800) 874-0388. [Richard Eckhouse, Computer, 12/91.]

-- Ken