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NSF has a Vacancy Hotline listing all current vacancies: (202) 357-7735 or (800) 628-1487. Salaries are $32.4K-$60K for assistant program directors to $54.6K to $85.5K for a program director. Temporary appointments require only a resume and current salary; permanent positions require a Form 171. [NSF Bulletin, 6/25.]

Some 700 national employers have job hotlines, including industry, government, universities, and military facilities. "Job Hotlines USA" is a new 100-page paperback listing. $16.95 plus $3 S&H from Career Communications (Harleysville, PA), (800) 942-2417. [SJM, 6/28.] (Most publishers pay the S&H when you order direct, since you save them a dealer discount of up to 40%. You might try negotiating.)

"Technology Jobs Guide" lists 600 high-tech San Diego companies. $24.95 from San Diego Technical Books (Kearny Mesa, CA); (619) 279-4990. [EDN News, 5/14.]

Jobhunt is a PC program that manipulates addresses and profiles of CS and engineering companies. It can search, select, sort, edit letters, merge contact information, and print labels. $49.95 from Scope International (Charlotte, NC), (704) 535-0614. [EDN News, 4/30.]

The recession has spurred professional societies to work harder and provide more service. (Funny how that works. An inverse correlation between funding and personal service.) Videotapes and training courses are becoming common. The Bay Area chapter of the Assoc. for Women, (415) 905-4663, has added a job-seekers SIG, bboard service, bimonthly lead-sharing meetings, and a detailed membership directory. The Boston Computer Society, (617) 252-0600, is providing employment counseling and resume-writing help, as well as discounts on outside products and services. The Corporate Assoc. for Microcomputer Professionals, (708) 291-1360, offers trade-show and conference admissions. Two other groups are the Data Processing Management Assoc., (708) 825-8124, and the Tele- Communications Assoc., (818) 859-2652. Volunteer work within such an organization can provide valuable leadership training. [Suzanne Weixel, CW, 6/8.]

Discouraged job-seekers might enjoy "E-Mail Links Science's Young and Frustrated" in Science (5/1, p. 606). [Tony Lai (, Bill Park.]