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Bill Clancey is resigning as Editor of the AAAI Press, and his replacement is being sought. A series of symposium technical reports is planned, starting with reprints and moving into electronic publishing. [AI Magazine, Summer '92.]

Teleos Research (Palo Alto, CA) needs an experienced MSCS as systems admin (Unix workstations, Macs, and Lisp Machines) and research programmer in real-time binocular machine vision for goal-directed robotic action. Ann Reid (, (415) 328-8800.

UWestern Australia's Robotic Sheep Shearing Project needs an R&D engineer for robotic development and testing. Mr. E. Tabb, +61 9 310 7500, +61 9 310 7511 Fax. [James Trevelyan (james, comp.robotics, 6/19.]

Rockwell Space Division (Los Angeles, CA) has an MS/PhD opening in robotic effector R&D. Kenneth Goldberg (, comp.robotics, 6/22.]

A Washington, DC, company needs an experienced AI/KBS software engineer for Unix/X Windows/OOP development. ASC Software, 205 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910. [Adam Joseph (,, 6/18.]

NIMH (Bethesda, MD) has an AI postdoc opening in cognitive neuroscience. Real-time data acquisition and process control experience would be helpful. Roger Erickson ( [, 6/24.]

Universiti Sains Malaysia needs a CS professor with 10 years experience in expert systems, NLP, parallel programming, networking, information systems, or related field. Appointment for 1-6 years, 3 preferred; salary to US$60K plus return passage, gratuity. Zaharin Yusoff, CS, 11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia. [,, 6/25.]

The AI Center at SRI International (Menlo Park, CA) needs a Motif/C/Lisp graphics programmer for a DARPA-sponsored project in terrain visualization. Additional projects available after 15 months. An HCI consultant may also be needed. Yvan Leclerc ( [ba.j.o, 6/27.]

The Centre for Computers in Law and Finance, Brunel University (Uxbridge, UK), has research openings in OODB, IR, GUIs, document management, and document imaging. A research fellow could earn up to #25,781. Vijay Mital ( [m.j.o, 6/26.]

Oryx Press needs 50 reviewers knowledgeable about women's educational equity and/or educational publishing. You would do up to three reviews per year for three years, with an honorarium for each review. Send resume by 7/1 to Tracy Moore, The Oryx Press, 4041 North Central at Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85012-3397; (602) 265-6250 Fax. [arhjb@asuacad.bitnet, m.j.o, 6/22.] (Do AI publishers pay reviewers?)

URochester has predoctoral and postdoctoral openings in biostatistics (e.g., toxicological studies). Martin Tanner ( [m.j.o, 6/24.]

Pencom Systems (New York, NY) needs Smalltalk/C++ programmers for a major investment bank. Jaime Fields (jaime@pencom.uucp), (212) 513-7777. [m.j.o, 6/24.]

The Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, MD) want an experienced MS knowledge engineer to continue development of a Common LISP scheduling system. Glenn Miller (, or call Robert Teleky at (410) 338-4882. [m.j.o, 6/25.]

The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, Information Technology Branch (Washington, DC), needs C++ developers for a state-of-the-art information retrieval system. Charles M. Goldstein ( [m.j.o, 6/29.]

United Parcel Service R&D (Danbury, CT) needs Unix/C/Sun software engineering consultants experienced in image processing, AI, and OCR. Dr. Michael Moed (, UPS R&D, 51-53 Kenosia Ave., Danbury, CT 06810; (203) 731-6303. No email resumes. [m.j.o, 6/29.]