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Elaine Rich wrote a nice editorial in the Summer AI Magazine. I particularly like her observation that "Occasionally, because we came from a very rich family (computer technology) with noble ancestors (the philosophy of mind), a story about our work would arouse interest in the wider community." She and the publications committee are soliciting articles of interest to the AI community as a whole.

AAAI is giving me a press pass for the big AAAI-92/IAAI-92 conference in San Jose this July 12-16. (Avron Barr suggest that I ask for one. Thanks.) You might get passes to other conferences if you contract to write reviews for publications. Advance plugs (like this one?) are also good leverage.

Intelligent simulation for high-autonomy systems; Int. J. in Computer Simulation, 1993. Contact Albert Y. Zomaya (zomaya or George W. Zobrist ( by 7/10. [NL-KR, 6/24.]

Processing natural language; IEEE Expert special track. Contact Terry Patten ( by 10/1. [NL-KR, 6/24.]

Neural networks for vision and image processing; The Asia Pacific Engineering Journal Part A. Contact Dr. V. Srinivasan ( or Dr. S.H. Ong (eleongsh@nusvm.bitnet) by 12/31. [Neuron Digest. 6/25.]

Analog VLSI computations (including speech/visual processing and artificial neural network learning); J. of VLSI Signal Processing. Contact Michael D. Godfrey ( by 10/1. [John Lazzaro (, connectionists, 6/26.

Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments is a new quarterly from MIT Press Journals. Rebecca McLeod, (617) 253- 2886. [AI Magazine, Summer '92.]

Interesting name: There is (or was) a Computist Magazine and BBS for Apple II and IBM PC code. About $24 U.S. from 33821 E. Orville Road, Eatonville, WA 98328. [Robert W. Igo,, 6/20. Bob Cowles (]

Josef Skrzypek ( is collecting material for a book on neural network simulation environments for the neurosciences. Submissions are welcome through 9/25. (310) 825-2381. [connectionists, 6/12.]

Bruce D'Ambrosio ( is compiling an annotated bibliography of applications of modern uncertainty representation and inference methods in AI, for distribution at a UAI-92 tutorial. BibTex format is preferred, but not required. [Uncertainty List, 6/23.] Here's a chance to mention your publications, with a few short sentences about application area, problems addresses, methods used, and capabilities or knowledge gained. Bruce might even give you a copy of the bibliography.

Aspirin/MIGRAINES developers are seeking short (e.g., two- sentence) descriptions of applications for an upcoming book on "Neural Networks Simulation Environments." They would also like article citations and self-explanatory PostScript figures. Russell Leighton ( [connectionists, 6/23.]

Superstar Teachers Tapes is a good idea whose time might have come. The company pays the most popular teachers at major universities to record their presentations before a live audience in Washington, DC. They have 43 videotaped lectures on psychology, philosophy, religion, and Western culture, with outlines and reading lists for school use. The company plans to record a full college curriculum, plus high school course in algebra, chemistry, etc. (800) TEACH-1-2. [VPN Reports, Channel 38, 6/26.] (Why hasn't PBS made such tapes for public broadcast? Joseph Campbell's series on myth worked well, and I've enjoyed hearing Tom Peters speak. Surely the professors would be willing. NSF might even pay for a science-related series.)