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David Throop has put together a WWW page on men's issues: male choice (in the matter of abortion), divorce, custody, child support, false abuse/rape allegations, husband battering, and men's movement history, organizations, books, and speeches. Connect to [, 7/21/94.] (Congress is considering whether to extend sex-discrimination laws to protect gay and lesbian workers. [Lori Montgomery, SJM, 7/21/94, p. F1.])

Kumar Vadaparty and his Case Western students have created software for experimenting with sort algorithms and tree structures (binary, red-black, AVL, splay, 2-3, and 2-3+). Also heaps, stacks, lists, graph search, Huffman coding, and tracking of order statistics. Students can rotate a node in a binary search tree, manipulate red-black and AVL trees, and insert data into other animated data structures. Lesson material covers insertion, deletion, and other operations, plus canonical cases, dynamically generated examples, and animations (continuous or step by step). Windows 3.1 format; one floppy. These data structure animations cover two years of course material. Contact about "Tools for Dynamic Education (TIDE) for Data Structures," to be distributed by Prentice Hall's College Div. for under $25. [8/2/94.]

Mark Kantrowitz created the CMU AI Repository in 1993, based on his earlier Lisp Utilities Repository (1990) and his FAQs for the AI, Lisp, Scheme, and Prolog newsgroups. The AI Repository now has more than 1GB of compressed material, including agent architectures and testbeds, artificial life programs, annealing, blackboards, book code, cellular automata, classical AI programs, constraint programming, DAI, data mining, educational tools, expert systems, fuzzy logic, games, genetic algorithms, ICOT software, knowledge representation, machine learning, music, neural networks, NLP, planning, reasoning, robotics, search, speech, vision, and languages such as Common Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, and Smalltalk. The index may be searched with a "keys " (or "help") message to "ai+query" (A Mosaic-based search interface is planned.) Files may be FTP'd from /user/ai on (, or accessed as /Web/Groups/AI/html/repository.html. Be sure to read 0.doc and readme.txt. Compresssion and archiving utilities such as gzip are in the util subdirectory. Other directories include conference calls, a calendar of events, tech reports, FAQs, and news archives. Contact "ai+contrib" or about contributing additional files. A portion of the Repository is being published on CD-ROM by Prime Time Freeware and should be available at AAAI-94. The first issue includes 2GB (uncompressed) on two ISO-9660 CD ROMs bound in a 224-page book, for $60 plus tax and handling. Contact PTF (, +1 408-433-9662, +1 408-433-0727 Fax. Sales will help support the repository. [, 7/21/94.]

(Other current or announced ROMs from PTF include Freeware for UNIX (soon to exclude AI), Software Development Kits for UnixWare, TeXcetera, and Tools and Toys, at $60 each. Rich Morin (, Prime Time Freeware (, +1 408 433 9662, +1 408 433 0727 Fax. [Ron Orr (, comp.text.tex, 6/9/94.])

-- Ken